Author: Helenaounxoxo

Healthy and Fit is everything

The society is full of mixed messages for young girls and women. Healthier lifestyle and advertising self-love have made huge difference, but there's still a long way to go. Growing up in fashion industry and knowing the pressure what it have on woman, I know on...

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What Oil Pulling really is?

Probably you have already heard it somewhere. Oil pulling is not something new and it's been Ajurverdic remedy for oral health and detoxification for a very long time. So what Oil pulling really is? You simply need organic cold pressed oil like Sesame or Coconut oil...

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Cleanse for the mind

Its so easy to get off track nowdays. Like I wrote in my previous post, we all like to fall into that race mode and it's not that easy to get out of that. We think about our responsibilities, our routine and the massive must...

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