Welcome to Healthy and Nourished! I am Helena Oun, former international model and the creator of this Beauty and Healthy Lifestyle journal what have inspired thousands of people all around the world for past few years. Over 10 years experiences with health, fitness and beauty industries I’m more than happy to finally share all my views with you.

I started to focus on what my body really needs and what can I do to myself to make my body feel good and make myself feel good in my body. I always believe that “We are what we eat!”, because 70% of healthy body is made in the kitchen and another 30% comes from your physical activities. In 2014 I become certified Holistic Nutritionist and right now I’m studying Sports Nutrition to educate myself more and more about the topics I’m really passionated about.

We are what we eat!

My health journey has been so much fun throughout the years. I have made many changes and every change have helped me to move forward and be better to myself. I have learned how to become friends with my body and how to value all my imperfections. My goal with my readers is not to promise you to get a magical super body, but to help you become healthier and value the body your were born in. We are such a beautiful creatures and nobody should try to force their bodies to become size 0.

Past few years I have focused on healthy body image and confidence issues what many young girls and women are suffering with. I want to promote healthy lifestyle in all shapes and sizes. Society and media can be very brutal nowadays and we should not let it destroy young girls self-esteem. I want to let us women talk openly about our insecurities, how to own and be proud of your body and your flaws. I want to let women feel comfortable in their own skin and realize they have nothing to be ashamed of until they take care of themselves and treat themselves with love.


This website is your guide how to make healthy lifestyle easy and simple for everybody. Our health is all we have and we have only one unique body in this life. It is our hands to give the best to our body. My mission is to give women all around the world the information and motivation they need to feel inspired, radiant, nourished, empowered, confident and energized. Every woman desires to stay young and beautiful for a very long period of time, preferably – the whole life. At Healthy and Nourished you can learn about Yoga, Health and Beauty.