How to maintain your results

People train and take care of their bodies for few different reasons; to become stronger, for the fit outer look or just to be healthier. But when you have achieved great results, after working out for months… how to maintain this?

Eating Habits

We all know that muscle definition is mostly made in the kitchen. What we eat is so much more important, than you think. You can’t hope that with heavy cardio sessions, burning tons of calories you will even out your unhealthy meal. This can help to maintain your weight number, but it will start to show in the long term. When it comes to our body and physical performance; it all begins with the perfect balance between nutrition and your workout.
People like to think that it is important to have low fat diet, to have the idea results. But this will lead you to eating a lot of refined sugars and high calorie foods. You should pay more attention on eating good fats, right proteins and fiber. Fruits, Vegetables, whole grains and lean protein.
You definitely should avoid eating high calorie and low nutrient foods. Food should be fresh and local. Forget about the packaged food aisle. Packaged foods are often over processed and there is very little nutrition left. Also they are packed with preservatives, these chemicals have many negative effects on our bodies and it is completely unnecessary. Take your time and read nutrition labels to find out what are the ingredients and how it’s made.
How often you pay attention on your portion size? You should eat til you feel satisfied, and that’s enough. Otherwise we will make it harder for the body to digest properly and will make the whole process harder. This will lead to wasting too much energy to digest the food. The same energy can be used with other daily activities. When you are tired after the meal, it’s the first sign of putting too much pressure on your body, by over loading with food. We eat to fuel ourselves and your meal should not be something what steals the energy. It should be the moment when you get the energy. After a proper meal you should be energized and able to keep on doing your daily activities. When eating out, meals can often be bigger than “normal”, so don’t feel bad to leave some food on the plate. There is no reasons to over eat. It’s always smarter to eat smaller meals, but often. People with busy schedules are used to eat just few times a day, but bigger meals. In these situations you need to find balance how to eat healthy during your daily activities.


When you spent months of working really hard to achieve your goals, then you should definitely not stop now. Without regular workouts it’s not possible to maintain your muscle definition. Regular physical activities are very necessary. It doesn’t mean you should spend your days in the gym or over do your cardio. It’s enough to add as much daily physical activity with simple things like changing elevators with stares or having longer walks. 3-5 workouts in the week is enough and it should be part of your lifestyle. With diverse training plan, working out will be more fun, because you need to enjoy the things you do. Be motivated to enjoy the whole process, and don’t let your training plan become boring routine. So make sure to keep it fun and change it up from time to time.

New Lifestyle

Many people think that after short term diet and training programs, it’s okay to go back to old habits. But doing it, you won’t be able to maintain the results and the body you created for yourself by hard work. You need to learn to be open for changes and you need to realize that some lifestyle changes are extremely necessary. Like I said before, proper eating habits and regular physical activity is a MUST. Also important is the attitude towards yourself and life itself. When it comes to short term diets and training programs, you work for the certain goal to achieve, but when it comes to the whole lifestyle, it’s not about the goals, it’s about working for yourself and taking care of yourself. It’s all about learning to let go of bad habits. Everything you do or eat, have a influence on your body and the way you are. You create yourself! Yeahs, you can treat yourself with “cheat days”, but do you really need it? What you get out of it? Nothing necessary, you will only harm yourself and next physical performance you need start few steps behind. Also proper eating habits and nutrition is a lifestyle. Eating healthy, fresh, clean and high quality foods, your body will be stronger and healthier. Getting used with new things and new lifestyle is definitely not a easy challenge, but it’s so worth it. But more you focus on yourself, you pay attention on what you do, the easier it will be to get used with healthier habits. Our bodies are able to get used with anything. Is it more important to have a bite of your favorite junk food or you actually care about your body and health? Learning to control your body and mind are part of the healthy lifestyle, it is important to acknowledge everything you do. Find your balanced and don’t let your emotions and cravings let you carry away. These life changes should be natural process what just need patience.

We have only one body, we can’t exchange it, but we can change it. Why not to give the best for yourself. Nowdays so many people are still very shallow about their body and people don’t want to accept that being healthy is extremely important. When more people will take care about their body and health, there will be a lot less diseases and health issues. Pay attention on what really matters. Take your time and look at yourself and your everyday life. How much you really pay attention on your well being? There’s nothing wrong about saying to yourself that “I am my number one priority”. Your positive changes can be inspiration for so many people around you .

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