Organic beauty line, The White Coconut

Delivering high-quality products is directly Jamila Paulmin’s mission statement of uplifting, empowering, and validating women across the world. Recently Jamila launched a brand new line of beauty products The White Coconut. Here I have Jamila sharing the insights of building a upcoming beauty line and why is organic beauty so important

What inspired you to create The White Coconut? I’ve been into the health industry for a couple of years, and now I see health as a more holistic & global concept. I can see the connection between everything. And being healthy also means using healthy beauty products, for our skin but also for our environment.

Why is organic beauty so important? Organic ingredients bring new standards to the beauty industry. Since our skin absorbs mostly what we put it on, the last thing we need is pesticides or chemicals in our beauty regimen.

Tell about your products..
At the moment, we have a coffee & coconut body exfoliation, and we are expecting to launch a variety of products during the upcoming months. Our exfoliation, also called Skinfood, is a luscious blend of natural ingredients, such as grinded coffee beans, cold-pressed coconut oil, cold-pressed avocado oil, coconut sugar & pink Himalayan salt.

Share some great benefits of The White Coconut products…
Since we’re using the most pure and effective ingredients, our products give visible results. They help to replenish, hydrate & nourish our skin.

What does our skin need day-to-day? Our skin needs hydration; this means drinking lots of water, but also applying a face oil or a moisturizing cream.

What are the best ingredients for most people? Coconut oil (obviously from our name) is our holy grail ingredient! Everyone needs exfoliation to some extent, because our skin renews itself constantly. And what a better way to help it by combining a scrub with coconut oil, to get rid of the dead cells and to deeply moisturize.

What were the first steps when starting your skincare business? The first step was to come up with recipes and to test them out. This was a very complex but fun process!

Daily beauty routine: My beauty routine is very minimal. I like to use coconut oil on a daily basis to remove makeup and to hydrate my skin, especially during Winter.
Lives: Montreal, Canada
Personal motto/daily mantra: You can be everything you want; all at once.
Best advice I’ve been given is: Take care of yourself first, to take better care of others.
Most people probably don’t know this about me: I follow the moon cycles & phases to take important decisions. Believe or not!
I never make a smoothie without adding: Dates! They make everything sweeter.
Morning ritual: I always drink half a teaspoon of pink Himalayan salt & cold water. Then a glass of warm water & lemon juice.

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