What I eat in a day

Here is my “What I eat in a Day”… I’m not going to tell that as I nutritionist I suggest you to eat like this or that. Past few years have been quite an experience for me as a nutritionist and healthy lifestyle advocate. My journey started with extremes and being on very strict diets to reach certain health goals… but the more I move towards finding true balance and peace with my body I found that health wasn’t really hidden in my food, but in my mentality and relationship with food.

It’s more than just listening to your body, but also let your body make mistakes and let it be free. Food is our fuel and food is our life and energy and also our fun.

It’s definitely very important to eat nutrient rich foods, balanced diet and know what is best for your body. But i also believe it is important to not forget to indulge and have some treats in moderation.


I always start my day with a big glass of lemon water.

A little later…

I have Oatmeal. I like to keep it simple with fresh or frozen berries and 1 ripe Banana. And of course this will come with green tea.


My lunch choices really vary depending what kind of day I’m having. If I’m busy and on the go I might have a large filling smoothie or a nutritious whole grain veggie wrap or sandwich. If I have more time I love to enjoy a large bowl on healthy quinoa salad with a fresh juice.

Then it’s time for a coffee. My one and only choice is cappuccino with Soya milk. During hot sunny days in middle east i like to enjoy large Ice Latte with Soya or Almond milk.

Afternoon Snack

Fresh Juice or a Smoothie


Dinner should contain some good protein, healthy fats, and colours of veggies…. but also sometimes I really dig some carbs. I try to eat different things at least 5 days a week, so my body won’t get used to one routine too much.

Midnight Snack

If you know me well, you know my deepest love for Avocados and Avocado toast. This is something I can easily replace with any meal and I often like one as my midnight snack. But you can  also find me eating it for breakfast or lunch from time to time.

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