How I use Bikram Yoga to fully recover from my accident

“Everything’s in life happens of a reason”, this is something I have always believed in and learned to be grateful for every experience. My year started a little different this year. No fancy celebrations, active kick start of the year or new year new me promises. My year started with daily hospital visits and recovery story what I won’t forget for a long time. It was a terrible experience I wouldn’t wish for anyone, but also I can’t stop repeating “Thank You Universe” for all the things I learned about myself during this time. I haven’t really talked about it because it was a really hard time for me on the whole deeper level, I shared some moments on social media now and then… but i was giving my all to show the positive side and not the struggles I went through.

It was more than just physical injuries I had to heal from, but also emotional trauma and shock I had to recover from. Long story short I fainted after a stressful few months of over exhaustion, I fell and smashed my head to the corner of the bed what lead to injuries on my face. But this collapse effected my whole body and spirit even when all the test and analysis came back normal… doctors even said healthier than average patients. But I had a long way waiting for me. It took about two weeks to be able to talk again and have all the patches removed from my face. I couldn’t do any heavy and intense physical activities for three weeks after my injuries. Being myself I always stay positive and try to get back on track soon as possible. Once I had doctors approval to workout again I was in the gym building my strength and muscle back… everything I had lost during my bed rest. After few weeks of gym I already felt better and saw improvement, but simple physical activity didn’t really show me what I had to see.

During my bed rest and recovery I meditated a lot to build back peace and stay positive during that time and it really helped me to go through all of it. Meditation is my prayer and it helps me believe in all the good universe has to offer. But after all the hard work I did on myself to fully heal and be back the way I was before that I still didn’t feel quite myself. I felt stiff, my body was so closed up and blocked all energy flow. When it comes to yoga and connecting to your body spiritually, I really felt I started from the zero. I felt like I started from the beginning and I had to become friends and get to know my body all over again.

So here is my story how I started to use Bikram Yoga to fully heal and open up my body. The heat of Bikram Yoga have really helped me to open up my body and see where are my biggest issue points. I feel a lot of closed points and blocks in my body and to make the energy to fully flow I need to work on opening up my body and chakras all over again. Bikram hot yoga is one of the very few forms of exercise you can practice and benefit from while coping with an injury or illness. Its combination of heat and careful movement increases circulation and flexibility, expels acids and other toxins and helps you begin to heal. Bikram Yoga practice is something called unraveling. The protective layers of muscle, tissue and fascia around old injuries begin to heal and when they do, these injuries will resurface to be healed on a deeper level. I have been practicing Bikram now for a little bit and I can see a lot of improvement in this short time. Also it is a beautiful way to change up my ashtanga and vinyasa yoga practice with what I have been stuck with for past 4 years.

Here are few benefits of Bikram Yoga:

Increased energy:
“Yoga class is a gas station, it gives you energy”. In the beginning you may feel a bit drained, but after a few classes you will begin to feel the unlimited energy potential that is possible with a regular practice. Focus on your breathing. Increased oxygen intake equals increased energy. Yoga balances the systems of your body, which will result in increased energy. This is what happens when you tap into the incredible potential of yoga power!

Stress Relief:
Your breathing patterns are directly related to your state of mind. Breathing normally and developing awareness of your breath in challenging situations will help you manage your stress levels. Bikram Yoga places a lot of emphasis on the breath, and we encourage you to explore and pay attention to the breathing cues given by your instructor. Embracing the time you spend in savassana (the last posture of class) is a great way to focus your mind on complete relaxation, and to help you cope when you are feeling stressed in everyday life.

Increased flexibility and strength:
This class stretches and strengthens every single muscle in your body, even ones you didn’t know you have! Work hard! Lock your knee! Try your best in every posture, and listen carefully to the dialogue. Increased flexibility and strength will naturally follow with your continued practice.

Improved clarity and focus:
Set your intention every class to focus on the dialogue and your breath. As soon as you notice your mind drift off, bring it back to the present moment by focusing on your breathing. The more you practice this, the more your focus will improve in everyday life. The asanas that place your head below your heart, ie Half Tortoise and separate leg stretching, increase blood circulation to the brain and helps bring your brain cells ‘out of the cold storage’.

Healing of old injuries and chronic pain:
Bikram Method uses a term called ‘the tourniquet effect’. Blood flow to certain points of the body is blocked off and upon release, healing, oxygenated blood flows through the body, nurturing the development of healthy cells and irrigating scar tissue and calcification of the joints. Old injuries naturally begin to feel better than ever, and chronic pain is diminished as you increase your flexibility and strength. As this blood flows through all areas of the body, your need for painkillers will eventually disappear, and you will restore your body to its natural condition, as nature intended. Increased blood circulation to the body.

Increased Circulation:
The heat helps blood flow throughout the body, strengthening the heart and bringing your body ‘out of cold storage. It also aids in a process called vasodilation, which expands the blood vessels, flushing circulation to the body and helping with low blood pressure, sexual vitality, slowing the aging process, and overall health.

Balancing of Every System of the Body:
Bikram Method Yoga ensures healthy and balanced functioning of the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, nervous, digestive, elimination, respiratory, endocrine, and mental systems of the body.

Benefits of the heat:
Warms the muscles for greater flexibility Helps achieve a deeper stretch Flushes toxins from the body Improves efficiency of the immune system Creates a cardiovascular workout Burns calories Builds endurance.

I believe firmly in the healing power of Bikram Yoga if you keep showing up to the practice, no matter what is happening in your body. I will definitely keep you updated on my journey and share more of my personal experiences.

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