The best of 2016 in Health and Wellness world

This year was a crazy year for everyone as I already spoke about it on my social media channels. It was very eventful and humbling for all of us. I saw a lot of growth in myself and people around me. Also Health and Wellness industry is improving in great ways and it is not just a trend anymore. It is beautiful to see how people realise importance of it and really put effort into taking care of their body, mind and soul. Here are few exciting moments from 2016.

-Nike’s newest additions to its Free footwear family – Nike Free RN, Nike Free RN Motion Flyknit, Nike Free RN Flyknit and Nike Free RN Distance.
Featuring a progressive geometric auxetic midsole, which is designed to mimic how the body and foot react to force, the new styles will take your running to the next level.

Infrared Heated Yoga made you ditch Bikram forever. Infrared heat is different—it warms you up from the inside-out because it’s much more targeted. Infrared heaters emit a precise heat beam to start heating you immediately. And unlike other heaters, which reduce the humidity and oxygen content in a room, infrared heat doesn’t have an effective on moisture levels. It just starts subtly heating you up as you move and exercise, resulting in a more organic-feeling sweat.

– Wearable technology like fitness trackers, smart watches, heart-rate monitors and GPS enabled gadgets are the undisputed champs. Brett Klika, CEO of predicted this would be the #1 trend and he was right. Some industry analysts have predicted that the wearable technology market will approach $6 billion dollars by 2016. Wearables also include smart glasses, with a predicted $1.5 billion in sales (according to Juniper Research) and smart fabrics and interactive textiles, reaching sales approaching $2.6 billion by 2017, according to Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

-Body Weight Training is a back to basics, minimalist, no-gym-needed, approach to fitness. I’m a big proponent myself. Do your workouts include push-ups, squat jumps, Burpees and pull-ups? Well done!

-Do you value one-on-one time rather than large group settings? You’re far from alone. Personal Training ranks high in the list as more and more people are majoring in kinesiology, indicating that they have their sites set on entering the field.

-It seems there’s no stopping Yoga. With so many styles and methods from Power Yoga, Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kripalu, Anurara, Kundalini, Sivananda and more, you can never get bored or plateau. Rooted in
ancient tradition, yoga is widely known for improving health and promoting relaxation.

Women stretching before yoga class in studio

– Wellness Coaching “integrates behavioral change science into health promotion, disease prevention, and rehabilitation programs.” Also known as Health Coaches, they provide support, guidance and motivation to clients either in a one-on-one setting, small group or remotely using technology or the phone. “the ‘coaching’ industry has been exploding, for everything from business to behavior change and clients will be looking for professionals who can guide them thru a more holistic approach to wellness as opposed to just ‘looking good for summer’”.

– Without fail, eternally fit women sweat with their friends. This is particularly useful for two reasons: 1) If you invite a friend to workout, it holds you accountable (you can’t cancel!), and 2) You work harder when you know someone’s watching you, and exercise is more enjoyable when a buddy is suffering through it with you! Although I’m a bit of a workout recluse (let me sweat on my own, please!), I’m far more likely to make it to a tough exercise class or push myself to go faster on a run when I’ve got a pal beside me.

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