Fasted Cardio

Haven’t had a workout talk for quite some time, so I thought to tell you a little bit what is Fasted Cardio.

There are different kind of cardio workouts and one thing what makes them different is when you do it. So what is fasted cardio you ask? Fasted cardio is cardio workout done in fasted state, that means in the morning before having your first bite of breakfast.

Fasted cardio is higher fat burn cardio. Obviously doing cardio workout after eating won’t burn as much fat as doing it in fasted state. Doing your workout before or after the eating won’t change the amount of calories you burn, but it will change the amount of fat you burn. If you plan to lose weight then these are the little details to pay attention on. With any kind of workout, to get the results you also need to have a proper clean meal plan.

Fasted cardio is a great workout to include to your routine 2-4 times a week, to burn your fat to fuel. You can burn about 13 grams of pure fat per day with fasted cardio. It’s not that big difference, but in a long term the numbers of burning pure fat are a lot bigger. And that simply because you have changed the right time for your cardio workout. But I want to remind you to not get too excited, because everything needs to be in moderation. At first make sure you don’t do too much of fasted cardio, because it can lead to muscle lost and that should definitely not be the goal. We need to have healthy amount of fat on our body, but we still want to look lean. That’s why it’s important to include fasted cardio to your workout routine just few days a week.

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