Benefits of doing Squats

Squats are probably the best known for being a secret of a great butt. When I stopped modelling few years ago, squats were the first thing I did. As in straight size modeling is all about the flat butt, I wasn’t able to achieve my goals of having these curves what I was craving for. Since then I’m obsessed with squats and try to include them into all my workouts. Squats are also great exercise to play around with, because there are so many different variations of them. But squats also have many other great benefits other than giving that “bubble” look for your behind. Squats are part of most training programs and there are few reasons why.

  • Squats are ideal to improve mobility in hips and ankles. these are very tricky body parts and often very stiff. Your own body weight squats can increase the range of motion in both body parts. Also it will help to reduce pain in areas such as lower back and knees.


  • The muscles what are responsible for your posture and very connected with squats. Doing body weight or weighted squats you will be engaging the upper back to help stabilize the body through the movement. So squats are great to improve posture.


  • Squats work for the whole body, but mostly they are building strength in glutes, hamstrings and quads. They stimulate muscle building hormones and this will strengthen the entire body. Squats will make you stronger and give you flatter stomach. Doing squats properly will help you prevent the risk of injury.


  • And the last, but not least important benefit is major definition in the legs and butt. The movement is a fast way to build lean muscle and this will help you to tighten and tone limbs. Squats can really do some magic body shaping your body and give some truly beautiful natural curves.


  • Sarah / 24 April 2017 7:07

    No wonder why! Thank you; that was precise and beneficial

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