Women, fitness, women empowerment and sharing our stories is everything what this website is all about. I’m so glad to to introduce your this incredible woman I met here in Doha. Roufaida is so full of life and inspirational for so many in Qatar. She is here to share her story, her views and health secrets. Just click here to see more Women in Fitness stories.

Tell a little bit about yourself and how you got into health and fitness?

I m Roufaida Thabti (31 years old) also known as @Roufaida_Faces on social media, born and raised in Germany , I have studied Arabic Studies & Islamic History. My gym journey started when I was studying in uni.In 2006 my friend was getting married and we had to get her in shape so she would feel comfortable and good on her wedding day.

I still did not take workouts and healthy lifestyle as serious and I never thought I would actually become a certified Personal Trainer. It started 4 years ago when I joined the IFA -Team (International Fitness Alliance) here in Doha – Qatar. I started as a sales/marketing person then I thought why not getting actually certified so I would know how I should workout properly and maybe I could help others. So I did my certifications in Fitness Instructing, Personal Training, Boxing , Kettlebell , TRX , Stretching & Bootcamp. When I got my first Client I noticed that I do really enjoy training people and follow their journey and see the results that they dreamed of. The number of my clients increased with time so I left my office work and started to train ladies in Doha.

Share your morning routine with us and what are your go to tips to have a great start of the day?

Honestly its almost the same everyday, I usually workout first thing in the morning before I go and train my clients.A great tip to start a fresh day is : Stretching!

3 things what are vital in your day…

– Water
– Stretching
– Snacks

What’s your training regime like? What would a typical workout entail?

A typical workout of mine would be either a high intensity session or a boxing circuit as that is my ultimate favorite workout because I get cardio & you tone and you feel released after you finish it.

What are some of your fave active wear essentials?

If I run I do prefer wearing leggings more fitted gym wear , when it comes to boxing and kettlebell training I do go  for loose gym clothes as I can move freely.

If we took a peek inside your gym bag, what would we find right now?

– Water
– Boxing Gloves
– Jumping Rope
– A Snack (Nuts, Banana ..)
– A 2nd shirt to change

Do you stick to a particular diet/nutrition philosophy?

To be honest I do not have a particular diet but what I do is I try to eat clean I cut on sugar,fats , so I cleanse my body.I drink water with cucumber/Ginger. That works for me and I m happy with it.

Any health secrets you swear by?

Water water water

What inspires you?

My clients do inspire me the most, when I see them pushing and trying to achieve their results is very inspiring and pushes me as a PT to be better and successful more and more

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