Healthy Hotspots you must visit in Doha

I have lived in Doha for a while now and it’s safe to say that I have done my research of all the healthy hotspots around here. When I’m honest moving here was a little scary as I had no idea how I will be able to adopt my healthy habits over here. Luckily it was a lot easier than I thought and this city offers many great healthy places to eat and enjoy fresh juices and smoothies. I want to share some of my favourites with you.

Evergreen organics

“Conscious eating is not a diet, it is a way of life which declares that you are the expert of your own body. Conscious eating is all about paying attention to your body and what you put in it, and you just have to listen to it to know what, when and how much to eat. I choose to follow a plant-based diet consisting of superfoods, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds in search of optimal wellness. But I’m not here to tell you that following a plant-based diet is the choice for you. Every person is different. It’s just a matter of eating more consciously. I became 100 percent vegan about three years ago and I made that choice because I felt like it was the right thing to do for my body. I felt amazing. I really had more energy, my skin got better, I started running marathons, boxing, hiking, yoga and meditation. I couldn’t go back to my old habits because I feel the difference and I see results every day.”- Ghanim Al Sulaiti

The long awaited Evergreen Organics, Qatar’s first and only fully vegan restaurant opened at Qanat Quartier on the Pearl. The restaurant is already a success, offering a wide array of freshly prepared plant-based foods, cleansing juices and a vegan products.

Qanat Quartier, The Pearl, Mercato, Plazzo 1Evergreen-Organics-in-Doha-Qatar

Jones The Grocers

Driven by our desire to provide the best gourmet food for everyday living, jones the grocer aims to inspire and excite the imagination of all food lovers.
With products sourced and selected from around the globe, jones the grocer is a food emporium focused on providing natural ingredients produced by specialist, artisan suppliers and showcases these through the innovative in store cafe menu which you can enjoy in the casual atmosphere of our contemporary designed cafes.

It’s one of Doha’s finest gourmet cafes and is open for a relaxed breakfast, lunch or dinner or why not indulge in afternoon tea? This Australian food emporium is a popular choice amongst locals and particularly with expats. Buzzing at any time of the day and night with young couples dining a deux, families brunching at week-ends, work colleagues enjoying tasty sandwiches at lunchtime and leisurely ladies loving high tea in the afternoons.

The Pearl
31 La Croisette, Porto Arabia

The Gate
The Gate Shopping Centre


Anima Lounge

The gallery is attached to a lounge which serves light food and is a trendy place where people can gather; watch art videos, read art magazines and books, and meet artists and collectors.

Healthy heart-warming menu items including gluten-free pasta, quinoa salad, detox juices and healthy desserts.

Parcel 17, Porto Arabia, The Pearl Doha, QatarAnima-Cafe-Doha7 Anima-Cafe-Doha-cover

Dean & David

A concept made in Germany – was launched by David Baumgartner with the slogan “fresh to eat”. The success story began in 2007 with the first Salad Bar in Munich’s Schellingstrasse, and has since spread right around the world.
The idea for dean&david came to David during a sabbatical year following his political and economic studies. David travelled around the world with open eyes and was rewarded with the inspiration for his individual cuisine. Lifestyle with a kick of freshness, fast food was redefined and became simple, modern and urban. A hotspot for healthy trend-setters was born. dishes combine enjoyment and quality with healthy, light food. The secret of dean&david lies in the details. As a result they use only the freshest and accordingly vitamin and mineral-rich ingredients which are free from flavour enhancers – simple, healthy food prepared by hand!

The Pearl, Waterfront-Parcel-7, 
Porto Arabia

Ezdan Hotel, Ground Floor, Tower-1
West Baydean n david

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