Letting the universe handle the details

Why do the job of the universe? Why decide how you want something to look, rather than allowing the universe to handle what it does best – handling the details.

Letting the universe handle the little things…

Letting the universe handle the bigger things…

Its not easy to stay focused on what I really want – more autonomy, more money, more creativity and more hours to spend on my writing.

But I forced myself to practice feeling how I would feel when I received that reality. I reminded myself often that my reality was my choice, and this happening only meant change, and that better things were about to appear.

Sometimes you don’t expect it to play out like how you designed it in your dream – but you will get exactly what you wanted.

Why does it work that way?

Some call it, “letting the universe handle the details”. Some call it “letting go and letting God”. The bottom line is, if we try and control the way things look, we end up doing ourselves more harm than good.

Why? This universe of free will operates very much like a computer. Energy in = reality out. If you put energy in for an end result, there could be thousands of possible routes to that. Usually the most direct route is not one our logical mind would think of.

What oftentimes seems like bad news is simply the most direct route to the thing we want. If we stay out of judgment, fear and other constrictive emotions, and focus on the essence, or the emotion of our desires, we always will be pleasantly surprised in the resourcefulness of the universe.

It’s not easy. We all have preconceived notions of how things should work out, how our dreams should manifest, what is supposed to happen when and how. We have beliefs that outline the only way things can happen. But those beliefs and ideas are slowing down what we desire and sometimes stopping it from happening at all.

It’s not the circumstances that bring good results to you. A good job doesn’t ensure you’ll be rich, secure and happy in that job. Your resonance determines whether you’ll be rich, secure and happy. A good job can be the detail the universe chooses, but so could a great investment paying off that frees you to open your own business, or a friend deciding to move to Europe and asking you to run her company.

If you send out pure energy of prosperity, security, ease, fun, etc. and let the universe decide how it arrives, you are opening every possible door that could bring you a reality that causes you to feel those emotions. If you have rigid ideas of how and when and whether you can have what you want, you are closing the possible avenues of its arrival, one by one.

Know you can have everything you desire. Know that it will take time, patience, knowledge, skill and healing to open all the doors of possibility. Trust the universe and your Higher Powers to take care of the details. They will – if you do your part and become crystal clear about how you want it to feel when it arrives and then, blissfully, let it go.
In joyful creation.

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