Going into it stronger than ever!

Heya! to all of you who been so loyal to my website after all these years! I realized I haven’t open up much lately on my blog, but now in the beginning of 2016 is the perfect time to talk about few things.

Last year was crazy! Crazy in so many ways and life have changed a lot, I have changed a lot and things couldn’t be any better. But while saying that I also have to admit that to get here, I went through some tough times in 2015 and all that taught me a lot. I feel so full of energy and motivation to finally really bring all my dreams into life and share my journey with you.

This year I really want to build strong on the foundation I have created for myself. I am so grateful for my mentors and partners who help on this journey.

This year my main focus is definitely to build Boost Yourself on it’s full potential and really go global! With the short period of time we are doing so well, but there is a lot more work to do and I am all in! Couldn’t be happier to be part of something so special and really bring simple healthy habits to people all around the world. Since the day one my goal have been to inspire and provide opportunities to get healthier. Simple things can have a huge impact and everything is all about how much we believe in it and how strong we work for it.

Also 2016 will be a year for me when I want to take a big step further. Is it my blog, social media or my work as a holistic nutritionist. I want to learn, experience and really have a bigger impact. I have been lucky to have different offers to really grow professionally and I’m so excited to see where it all will take me.

But most of all this year I will focus on working giving my 100% to inspire even more of you and to really bring healthy habits to the bigger masses. I honestly haven’t really understood the impact I have on all of you til lately when I have got so many very personal letters from some of you with such a beautiful stories. I never thought I could have such a big part of somebodies life and their decisions to become healthier.

I have worked so hard on myself to become confident and I know the pain what it takes to get here. So I couldn’t be more happy to really work on these issues and help as many as I can. I want to be part of projects where I really can give my all and make a change. Every smallest change is a part of the big one and if we do it together, we can be greater together.

Past year was also a very successful year for me when it came to fitness and workouts. I have been on a regular workout routine for more than 5 years, but last year was really the year when I achieved many of my goals. These little goals what I had were so worth the hard work, because I know I can do even more and I am so up for the challenge! Getting stronger, faster and more flexible.

And most importantly, I promise that this year I will share more of my recipes and food pictures. I know 2015 wasn’t my strongest when it came to food and a lot of delicious and nutritious dishes went missing on social media, but too much was happening in life and workouts were my getaway. So I’m really focused to bring some serious foodie love and high levels to you this year. Please tell me what kind of recipes you would like to see and what kind of information you would like me to share about nutrition.

And Yeahs I want to finish my studies. I took a long break in 2015 and 2016 is all about getting back on track and become the best sports nutritionist I can be!

This year have had such a strong and positive energy and this is our job to keep the good vibes. Believe in yourself and in your dreams. Build yourself and everything you do do for yourself. Make your heart happy and really keep your mind on your goals, you are mean’t to shine!

I really love interacting with all of you and feel free to write to me and share your experiences and thoughts on the topics I have talked about here on my blog. Let’s come together this year and have stronger and more positive impact on each others lives.

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