Pluses and Minuses of Paleo Diet

All kind of diet trends come and go. But last few years Paleo diet have become very popular and very much talked about. Many think that is the only right way of eating, mean while many nutritionists are against it. Supposedly Paleo diet followers are healthier are stronger. Paleo promises fat loss and cleaner skin. But what really is Paleo diet and what are the plusses and minuses of this trend?

Paleo diet goes back 10 000 years, to follow the same eating habits like our forebears. Paleo diet is focusing more on what shouldn’t be in the diet, rather than what actually is eaten. Ingredients what not allowed are whole grains, legumes, beans, sugar, starch and some of the dairy products.That means that foods like potatos, rye, oats, rice, corn and all processed products are not allowed. Also should keep away from cultivated vegetables.

By Paleo “rules” you are allowed to eat meat, fish, eggs, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Main focus is on that the food is able to grow in historically natural environment.

I have to admit that personally I am completely neutral about Paleo diet, because this diet trend have really some facts I completely agree with, but also it has views what I’m looking forward to know more about. Because Paleo itself is very interesting topic, then I’m happy to actually talk about all the pluses and minuses what come with it. And how smart is actually to follow Paleolithic eating habits on 2015 for a modern person?


Biggest minus is definitely that fact that too many carbs are removed from the diet. Body needs to get enough good carbs to function properly. If body is not getting enough carbs, it starts to reduce seratonin and increases the levels of cortisol. Our brain uses 80% of the carbs we consume and lack of carbs will effect our memory and intellect.

Paleo fans tend to overlook the fact that hunter-gatherers were not models of pristine health. Paleolithic humans suffered from parasites, infectious diseases, and even atherosclerosis, hardening of the arteries.
Legumes and beans are demoved from the diet, because of their lectin content. But many researches have proved their health benefits. It’s also proven that 10 000 years ago people still ate legumes and it was important part of their diets.

Also people are forgetting about the fact that many fruits and vegetables nowadays are not even close to be the same what they used to be. Tomatoes used to be size of the berries, bananas used to have seeds inside and most fruits were a lot more bitter. The same is with the meat. Nowdays grass fed beef can’t be compared with the goats and buffaloes what were eaten back then. That doesn’t mean that nowadays vegetables, fruits and meats aren’t good enough, they are just a lot different. But the main issue is still that these foods what are allowed in Paleo diet, aren’t the same what they used to be 10 000 years ago.
Removing wholgrains is understandable on some levels, but it also brings up few questions. Yeahs, main grains like wheat and rye contain gluten what can harm our organism and it is very hard for our organism to completely digest it. Also it can cause a lot of problems for the people who are extra sensitive for the gluten. But why are other grains, who doesn’t contain gluten removed? Researches have proven, that wholgrains are more healthier than unhealthy for our bodies. Also many people are not sensitive to all gluten but just for wheat. I suggest to look into this from your own individual aspect and how grain products affect your body.

One of the biggest minuses is the idea of only one kind of diet for everybody. Our bodies are very different and Paleo diet can suit only for some people. We have to admit, that everybody need to reach their own right way of eating by analyzing their own individual body, by what are its likes and dislikes.


Paleo diet includes many heathy proteins, lots of fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and healthy fats. These are all part of the healthy diet plan.

Paleo diet means consuming a lot of lean proteins and that helps to grow your muscle mass while losing weight.

There is proof, that Paleo diet can help with some health problems.

Paleo diet does not promote processed and junk foods. Also it help people to realize their harm for our body.

Sugar is removed, because it’s lack of nutrients.

In the end of the day it is important to follow balanced diet. Any of the extreme diets can’t lead to long term healthy lifestyle habits. Everybody needs to focus on their own individual body and find what is right for them personally. Some things what we definitely should follow from our forebears are spending a lot of time in fresh air, a lot of physical activities, enough sleep and being social.
Balance is hidden in the simple things. We don’t need to reach for perfection, but find right healthy habits what also let you enjoy your life. Too many rules can lead to stress, you can’t forget that your goal is to feel good in your body.

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