Mindful eating

What actually means being mindful? Our days are busy and we often stop paying attention to most important things in our lives. We run around and do things, we know that we need energy and fuel to get everything done. But we forget that Food is our Fuel and it is so important to know how to eat mindfully. That’s not just another hippie talk, but a serious problem todays society. Mindful eating is something where we should take notes from buddhism. Your eating habits and your meals should be your own little ritual, when you sit down for a second, time stops and you actually concentrate on what you do. I want to share some easy tips how you can start practice mindful eating. You can’t forget that it is a practice like meditation and it takes time. It needs a true commitment, but the more you learn to enjoy food the less you naturally crave food. It’s all about being present.

Ps! Mindful eating is a great stress release and a great way to lose weight!

Be grateful for Your Food- Simply Love Your food. Food is our friend and it helps us to survive. Being in love with your food, instantly makes you happier and feel better. When you are happy, you also stop having emotional eating habits.

Treat Your Food with Respect- Appreciate your food equally. Everyday food is as good as the food what you enjoy on celebrations. Your diet and food preferences are also equal with everybody’s. Make every meal special and put good energy into it. Your lunch in the office don’t have to be boring, with your own mind work you can make it as special as your birthday dinner!

Sense-  Feel and smell your food. It’s not weird to close your eyes for a second to understand how good that bite was. Be present and pay attention how your food taste,smells and looks like. Enjoy every bite  of it! Chew slowly to really connect with your food.

Disconnect yourself from the world for 15 minutes- Turn off the TV, don’t answer to your phone or read a newspaper. Be in that very second with yourself and your meal. Be present and enjoy the silence, enjoy the food you have! When you start practicing this with your meals, you also can later on adopt this habit to your everyday life. When you just dhut down everything and be with yourself. Don’t focus on anything what is unnecessary in that moment.Be with your own thoughts and just enjoy your own company.

Know Your Food- Pay attention what you eat. Know the ingredients or even from where they come from. When you know what you eat, you will connect with your food more easily. Whatever you eat goes into YOUR BODY and You should pay attention how you fuel yourself. Don’t be superficial with your food, because food is your own power!

Take a moment and Sit- Always eat your food while sitting. Not just because it is better for your metabolism, but also it help you be in the present more easily. To take a moment to yourself during a day is not much to ask!

Eat Your way to Yourself, Eat Your way to the present moment and Eat Your way to Your own Peace!


  • Buford Burrier / 16 November 2015 12:20

    You really rocked me with this post, thanks for the good info, ill start using it from now on!

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