Meditation for beginners

In todays world when our society is more connected than ever before, there’s still so many of us who are disconnected inside. People constantly are looking for the clarity from the outer distractions, but the secret to live stress free and happy life is all hidden inside us. There’s one very simple tool to make it all work and the answer is Meditation. For many people meditation is still something very hippy, but thats very old minded way to see it. In our busy world of high technology and fast forward lifestyle, meditation is the only way out to save yourself and be peaceful all the time. Meditation is a relaxing practice to help you find yourself, reach clearance and help you enjoy simple things of life.

Meditation have been one of the most important tools in East for thousands of years. Now when the rest of the world is catching up with the powerful practice, here are some of the greatest health benefits of Meditation.

Improves anxiety

Deeper sleep and healthier sleeping pattern

Boost your brain

Helps you fight diseases

Helps you avoid depression and reduces stress

Supports weight loss

Helps you relax

Makes you more creative

There are so many different types of meditations, but it’s not necessary to start to learn all the details and the background culture to help yourself to relax. All you need is to start from the real simple meditation practice and simply learn to get used with it. With every meditation session you can learn about yourself and dig a little deeper. You will learn to relax yourself more, control your thoughts and how to control to stop thinking for a second and focus on your inner self.

Meditation doesn’t need hours of time, but finding 20-30 minutes per day is just enough. I share few tips how to start practicing meditation on your own. This practice can be used anywhere you are(school, work, car, public transport, park etc)

Sit in comfortable position.

Relax your body. Don’t force yourself to stay still. If you want to scratch or move yourself, do so. Most important is that your body is completely relaxed and comfortable.

Close your eyes and say to yourself “I’m completely relaxed”.

Keep a tall spine, pay attention to keep you back straight.

Take a long deep breath.

Focus on each part of your body from head to toe while taking slow deep breath every time.

Focus on yourself and the inner you. Don’t let the outer distract you.

Focus on breathing.

Give a gentle smile to yourself.

Open you eyes slowly.

You feel lighter and more relaxed before. Doing a simple short meditation daily or at least 3-4 times a week will help you with you daily activities. You will feel better and happier!

Note: Can’t stop the thoughts? Don’t worry, most of the people can’t, but we can learn to control and handle them. Learn to know when it’s okay to not worry about daily things and focus on your inner peace. Meditation is not about fighting agains thoughts and it definitely should not be a torture. It’s all about the beauty to learn to listen your truth and appreciating the Right Now(not what have been or what is coming). It’s all about being present and focusing on You!

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