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So glad I was able to track down this awesome Nike running specialist Kirsy Lovett. In the interview below we will talk about her workout routine, dealing with insecurities and what is 13 day challenge. She is such a unique personality and I’m so happy to have her here to have this conversation. Make sure to keep up with her on Instagram @kirsylovett


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Tell about yourself and your background. How did you find your way to healthy and active lifestyle?

My name is Kirsy, I like to work out and hang out with my boyfriend and our friends. I enjoy cooking since I’m not that good at it so I like challenging myself. I’ve always been very aware of my body growing up and keeping it in shape. In high school I played lots of sports like  basketball, softball and was a cheerleader (eeek) but it wasn’t till three years ago that I started running as a sport. I found myself really living this runner lifestyle and stumbled upon Nike and now I work for the brand.

What inspired you the most?

My best friend Ty started running and ran the New York City Marathon a couple of years ago and i was so inspired by his dedication and ability to run that much that it intrigued me to give it a try.

How your workout routine looks like?

I usually try to do one or two cardio classes a week whether it’s a Spin Class (Peloton, SoulCycle) or a treadmill workout. Besides that I try to go to the gym and do some weights, I try to go with my boyfriend since he pushes me and really knows what workouts are going to help me reach my goals. I’m a big fan of studio classes since I lack motivation sometimes and it’s nice to be in a room full of people that are all there with the same goal.

What are your experiences with confidence and insecurities?

I have my own insecurities sometimes, like every girl does but I think it’s more getting older and being confident in my own body that killed those insecurities. The more I work out the more accomplished I feel and confident. When I’m having a really shitty day a good sweat sesh really helps with my mood.

What are your goals when it comes to workouts and your relationship with you body?

My relationship with my body is to always feel good. I’ve had times that I was pretty skinny and wasn’t comfortable with how much weight I lost but I didn’t feel good about it, and vice versa with putting on too much weight. It’s just a matter of finding a good balance and feeling good about it. When it comes to workouts I try to just leave it all out there. I don’t want to leave the gym or class still feeling like I could’ve gave it more. Personally you know what you can give and what you can’t and it’s about listening to yourself to prevent injury.

Tell about your 13 day challenge…What it meant for you and what changed for you after this challenge?

It’s so funny how that whole situation happen it all started with a Twitter conversation with a friend and challenging each other to work out for 13 days straight so that I could get the most out of my class pass membership that I was neglecting. It kind of took off really fast and I was getting asked a lot of questions about it and that they wanted to try it as well. I think in general people really like challenges especially if it’s displayed on social media where people were holding you accountable, it’s just fun. My experience with the challenge is working out for 13 days is really really hard lol. It’s something I usually would never do but it was fun to see how much I could push myself to do something I set my mind to and really kill it.

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