Guide to find right yoga style for you

Yoga is so much more than just stretching and breathing, but sadly many people still think that way. Yoga is a lifestyle and it becomes more and more popular. But yoga is not just so simple and easy as it may seem. There are more than 30 different types of Yoga and I wanted to give you a little guide how to find the right style of yoga for you. Yoga is a deep practice with finding connection between body, mind and soul. It is important that you feel comfortable and good while doing it and that’s why it is so important that you will find right yoga style. There is style for everybody and there is no room for excuses to not do yoga. Yoga gives your body a connection that nothing else in this world can replace and you can’t be too strong or too weak for yoga. Yoga is for athletes, for children, you can be pregnant or not flexible. Yoga is the simple key for finding balance in yourself and in your life!

Here I will introduce just some of the most common yoga styles. So everybody who are about to begin their yoga journey will get a idea what to expect from different yoga styles. And also everybody who already have been practicing yoga, but don’t feel right about it, then maybe you just haven’t found the right style.

Ashtanga Yoga- One of the strongest Yoga styles. If your goals are getting stronger and more flexible, then thats for you. You can build a good stamina with Ashtanga. Ashtanga is a Vinyasa practice. Six pose sequences are practice sequentially at rapid pace. Its very important to find balanced breathing to make most out of the practice. Breathing is one of the most important things of this practice, because it detoxifies muscles and organs. It’s not a easy type of Yoga, so if you feel you need a slower start then Ashtanga is not for you, but when You feel that your Yoga practice needs some strength and power then Ashtanga is definitely something to try.

Bikram- Is one of the Hot Yoga types. To warm muscles for them to be more flexible Bikram Yoga is practiced in Hot rooms. The series is of 26 asanas, making every pose twice. Really good flushing toxins, because of the heat. You need serious mental concentration to get the most out from the practice. With being pregnant, having high blood pressure or heart problems you should definitely ignore that Yoga style. This is one of the most sweaty Yoga types.

Kundalini- More spiritual and meditative Yoga style. 90minutes class begins with chanting and ends with singing. It is also a serious pranayama practice with meditation, mantras, mudras and postures what are repeated for minutes. It is for awakening the energy. Very spiritual practice with calm pace. When starting the practice you should be ready to learn more about Eastern philosophy.

Vinyasa- Is a quick pace Yoga style. Poses have fluid transitions and thats why it is also often called Flow. Like in every Yoga practice also here the Breathing in extremely important. Vinyasa movements are synchronized with every breath. If you are looking forward for sweaty Yoga practice then you should definitely try Vinyasa.

Hot Yoga- Comes from Bikram(check above). Difference between Bikram and Hot Yoga is that Hot Yoga don’t subject to the strict preformance of 26 precise asanas. Style of Hot Yoga can vary according to the teachers individually.

Iyengar- This is perfect for beginners, but also great for advanced yogis to correct their postures. It focus on exact  alignment in poses. Its a good way to learn to do the poses in the right way and often props are used to make the poses correct. It comes from Hatha Yoga. This Yoga style is with a slow pace to really focus on your practice and gain greater physical awareness, strength and flexibility.

Flow Yoga- Flow is a modern yoga style what is more popular in Western yoga cultures. Poses and Breathing are mostly coming from Hatha practice. Flow Yoga classes depend a lot of the teacher, because there are various ways of Flow Yoga practice.

Hatha- Hatha Yoga practice is one of the most used yoga practices and many modern yoga styles are coming from Hatha. Hatha is a combination of postures, breathing and meditation. It’s a slow pace practice and fits well for beginners or for those who are looking more calm and spiritual and stress relief practice.

Jivamukti- Is very spiritual practice and is a lot more than just physical workout. It’s a great Yoga style to practice when you are interested to bring more yogic philosophy into your daily life. Readings, music, yogic breathing and meditation are all part of the practice to spiritual development. Jivamukti practice is all about non harming and fits well for the yogis who fight for the animal rights and believe in veganism.

Yin- It’s a slow practice what needs a lot of patience. Serious meditation practice what uses Taoist traditions. Poses are hold for a long period, it can be til 20 minutes. It focus on certain body parts like hips, pelvis and lower spine. It is good for releasing tension in overworked joints. If you look for more calm practice then Yum can be just it.

Jock- Is one of the stronger Yoga styles what focus on building the strength, stamina and flexibility. It fits perfectly for active people and athletes to open up stiff muscles and to prevent injuries. A lot of sweating and high energy practice.

Power Yoga- Is a Western version of classical Ashtanga practice. One of the most popular practices today. Even it comes from Ashtanga, Power Yoga don’t keep strictly to the set series of poses. It is fast paces and strengthening Yoga style.

Ishta- This style was born in South Africa and it stands for the science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayuverda. It is a good practice if you are looking for something more spiritual. Ishta focus a lot on breathing and it can range from slow movements to more heart pumping and sweaty practice.

Prenatal- Yoga practice for pregnant or recently delivered mothers. It is a safe Yoga style to keep your body and spirit active and preparing for labour. Helping you with stretching and how to focus on breathing. You don’t need to be a yogi to practice it on you pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga practice will help you with faster and easier labour.

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