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One of the greatest things about what I’m doing, is the fact that I  can feature some of the most inspirational upcoming health and fitness enthusiasts in the industry! I love doing this, because not just to share strong individuals to inspire you, but also I get to learn so much from these women. Here is one really special young women who I want to introduce to you, Trystenne Burey. She also just launched her brand new blog
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Tell little a bit about yourself…

My name is Trystenne Burey and I’m an 18 year old fitness enthusiast from Toronto, Ontario. In August of 2014, I established my own brand Fit With Trys, which       

created to inspire a generation to genuinely love and care for their bodies. Developing my brand has allowed me to teach conditioning dance/fitness classes at a gym in my community and to the dance majors at my high school. As well as reach out to those on social media by posting some of my favourite workouts. I currently attend Ryerson University for Media Production where I hope to one day produce

“and star in my own fitness reality TV Show “Fit With Trys

What is your story to health and fitness?

I was an extremely hyper and active kid, so my mom figured putting me in sports was the best way for me to burn all my energy. I played soccer and basketball when I was younger and developed my love for track by the age of 11. Years later, I joined a track team and ran 100, 200, and hurdles competitively for a few years. But my entire elementary and secondary school life was spent at two arts school where I majored in dance and then decided to dance competitively outside of school. After developing an eating disorder and being admitted into the hospital for severe depression in grade 10, I began looking at life through a completely different lense. I realized how important it was to appreciate and love my own body and not allow my insecurities to define who I was. Since then, I began focusing on my own health

and that’s what really initiated my fitness journey. I created FWT as an outlet for me to share my story   and inspire others to do the same

At the beginning of grade 12, I began teaching fitness classes in my school gym and later was asked by the head of the dance department to train and condition the grade 11 and 12 dance majors.  And later, teaching dance and conditioning classes to kids 5 – 12 at a new studio in my church


?What are your biggest learning lessons when it comes to health and fitness 

If I could go back and tell 15 year old Trystenne something or even anyone out there right now that is so consumed in their own insecurities, I’d tell them that it will get better. What might look like the end of the world now is what’s going to propel you to be a stronger and wiser version of yourself later. We live in a society where certain lessons are solely taught in black and white, but its up to you to make it colourful. Life isn’t perfect and we’re all going to experience our own ups and downs, but you only live once. Learn to cherish these moments and allow it to strengthen rather than weaken you

How’s your training routine looks like?

It’s inevitable that anyone who is physically active is bound to injured themselves at least once. For me, it was at least once times 10. I’m an 18 year old girl stuck in a 60 year olds mans body. I’ve sprained my right three times and fractured it twice (I don’t know how my left ankle got so lucky), injured my knee and was off for 4 weeks, and currently still battling a severe case of Sciatica. Looking back at how much my body has deteriorated over the years, I’ve learned how important it is to really take care of myself. Being a natural high achiever, I never let injuries stop me from performing at my ultimate best but realistically, doing that has set me back so many years of recovery. If I had taken care of my ankle the first sprain, I wouldn’t have developed my knee injury. If I had consistently gone to physiotherapy for my knee and hip, I would’ve been more aware of my posture and not developed Sciatica. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that my health has to come before anything else. No matter what

What is your message to women out there who are struggling with insecurities and looking for ways to build up confidence?

Today, I am a much healthier version of myself. Not only with ensuring that I’m taking care of it but paying attention to what I put in it. Poor eating habits are an 18 year old girls biggest downfall. Who doesn’t want to just eat ice cream 24/7 and have an entire pepperoni pizza to themselves? I know I do. But I also know that my body can’t take it anymore. What I put into my body will also determine how I handle and recover from my injuries

My training schedule is also just as important though. And to be honest, I definitely focus more on my training than I do with what I eat simply because I figure if I eat poorly, I’ll easily work it off. But it’s time for a change in mentality

In terms of my training, it all varies due to my work and school schedule. First year university, is a lot more hectic than I assumed but I’m not allowing that to be an excuse. I try to train at least 5 times a week and if there’s a day I know I’m going to miss, I try to double up my workout on one day. I’ve planned to be at my ideal body weight and size, as well as have all my eating habits under control by the time I’m 20 so whatever I do now is crucial

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Share your 3 favorite exercise what can be done anywhere

This week I’m focusing on strengthening and toning my abdominals, so here are three of

my favourite core strengthening exercises

Mountain Climbers

Start: Begin in a traditional plank position, with both arms fully extended and your shoulders parallel to the floor

Execution: Adding a slight bend in your arms, bend your left leg and connect your left knee to your right elbow. Extend your left leg back, so that you have returned to the starting position. Repeat on the other side. Complete 2 sets of 20 repetitions on each leg

Muscles worked: The rectus abdominis muscles are used throughout this exercise. These muscles are located at the front of the abdomen

Tips: Do not raise your bottom when retuning back to your plank position. If this occurs, your abdominals are not fully engaged

 Ab Bikes

Start: Begin lying on your back with both legs fully extended in front of you and your arms rested behind your head

Execution: Using your abdominals and slightly bending both legs, connect your right elbow to your left knee. Return back to the starting position. Repeat on the other side, connecting your left elbow to your right knee. Complete 2 sets of 20 repetitions on each leg

Muscles worked: The rectus abdominis muscles (located at the front of the abdomen), and the external abdominal oblique muscles (located at the side of the abdomen), are used throughout this exercise

Tips: When executing this exercise, continue to keep you abdominals engaged as you transition from one side to the other

Leg Extension

Start: Begin lying on your back, with your arms fully extended beside your head, and legs extended upwards.

Execution: Using your abdominals, raise your abdomen so that your body creates a forty-five degree angle. As you transition to make the forty-five degree angle, lower your left leg so that it meets the floor and your knee creates a ninety degree angle. Keep your right leg extended upward. Arms follow the motion of the body, and try to meet with the extended leg. Lower back to the starting position. Repeat on the other side. Complete 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions on each leg

Muscles worked: The rectus abdominis muscles (located at the front of the abdomen)

Tips: The purpose of this exercise is not to see how high you can get your leg, it is to focus on strengthening your abdominals as you raise and lower    

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