Diet mistakes You didn’t know You’re making

Have you ever had this moment when you feel you are doing everything right, but the pounds still don’t drop? There are quite few mistakes most people do while trying to lose some extra weight. Dieting is tricky and it’s important to know and understand your body. Here are some most common mistakes what people don’t know about.

Skipping meals

People think that skipping meals is a great way to cut down calories and are hoping that it will take them faster to their goal weight. But the truth is that it won’t. It will slow down you metabolism and it will take twice as long time for you to lose weight. So never skip meals. There are tens of researches what have proved that breakfast eaters weigh less than breakfast skippers. So stop counting calories and don’t be scared to have a nice bowl of healthy breakfast. Usually the meal skippers will end up eating more calories through out the day. It’s a lot smarter to start your day right, with healthy breakfast, wake up your body and get your metabolism working.

Not counting liquids

People like to put themselves on strict diets, but they also like to forget all the sugars and calories they get from soda and alcoholic drinks. Liquids don’t just go in and come out. Your body is is smart enough to crab everything it can from liquids what are full of artificial flavors and sugars. There calories are a lot more dangerous than having some extra bites of sweet fruits. Use healthy sweeteners for your tea and coffee, something like organic honey. Also change your bottled drinks with home made flavored water. You can easily make your water taste yummy with berries, mint, cucumber and lemon/orange. You can cut almost 100 or more calories with simply not drinking sweetened drinks.

Taking days off

When you wan’t to lose weight, you must be smart and understand how human body works. I want to clearly remind you that being healthy and having a diet are completely different. And being healthy allows you take some days off and indulge if your body really needs it. But if your goal is losing weight and getting in better shape then there are no weekends off. Everyday is a part of process and there is no point to push yourself to take two steps forward, then in the weekends you want to reward yourself by taking a step back. Remind yourself that you are not a dog and you don’t need to reward yourself with the food. Be proud of the hard work you put in yourself. I’m not telling you to be hard on yourself, but be smart. Every step of success is not a excuse to take a step back and enjoying something what your body don’t need(this is mostly about junk food and over eating at the weekend dinner parties)

No Portion control

You might eat healthy, but your portions are out of control. Often it’s smarter to eat more smaller meals per day, than having three massive plates full of food. When you try drop these extra pounds you need to pay attention what you eat and how much you eat. Often even the healthiest choices might not be the best support for your weight loss journey. Do some research how many calories your body needs and how much food you should consume per meal.

You live on salads

When the plate is called a salad does not mean it will definitely be the healthiest choice. Nowdays salads can be also very unhealthy(especially when you look to the menus of many restaurants). Salads should not be covered with dressing(mostly unhealthy extra calories, something you definitely don’t need), croutons(just pieces of empty calories), too much extra oil(everything should be in moderation, even the healthy oils), healthy proteins and high fat cheese(they should not have a place in your weight loss program, because they don’t give you any positive support). Make sure your salads are fresh, mostly raw and taste natural. learn to enjoy tastes of real food. Use fresh Kale and Spinach, these are very nutritious greens and you can get 10 times more out of these, than these boring salad leaves. Make your salads colorful with tomatoes, bell papers, cucumbers, roasted veggies, dried fruits and nuts(almonds, walnuts, pecans), healthy grains like quinoa and so on. Salad is great choice when it’s done right, but it should not be the only thing you eat. learn to play around in the kitchen and find other ways to keep your body dropping kgs while eating right.

Being too much of Diet minded

Don’t force yourself to do anything and don’t make your diet your number one priority. Actually starting adieu itself often might not be the smartest choice and that’s why I always say to my clients to adopt healthier lifestyle other than do yoyo dieting. Healthy lifestyle is smartest investment what you can do for yourself, because it will have a long term results and your body will naturally become the way it should be. Yoyo dieting and putting your body in diet stress will not have a long term success story and also it will come mentally very exhausting for you!

Cutting down too many calories 

Calories are a amount of energy we need on daily bases to survive. Calories are not a thing what makes you fat and calories are also not a bad thing. So stop cutting down calories! Consuming too little amount of calories means you won’t have energy and your body can’t function properly, also it will slows down you metabolism and your body will start to store away fat.

Living by numbers

Diet is not a about the numbers what you see on the scale, what you measure or what you consume. Diet is about achieving the body you feel comfortable in. Don’t chase down the numbers what have no power over your body or life. Don’t let the numbers manipulate you, this can lead to disorders and start to effect your everyday life. Have fun with losing weight and give yourself a little freedom. Your goal should be confidence in your body, but not a number.

Cutting out Fat

There are different kind of fats. Good and Bad fats, often people don’t know it and think that fats are generally bad. But they are not. It’s important to know what kind of thats are good and what are bad. Good fats like Salmon, Almonds and Avocado are Fats what are actually promoting weight loss and should be definitely included to every diet in moderation. But cutting out all Fats won’t help you achieve your diet goals. Our body needs healthy Fats to function, our brains needs it and also our digestion system needs it!

Going overboard with Fruits

Of course fruits are one of the smartest and healthiest choices, but also they can be tricky. But excessive consumption can work against you. Fruits are rated by glycemic index level. Fruits with high level glycemic index can cause hunger hormonal imbalance and insulin resistance. While on the same time fruits low level glycemic index can do tons of good things to you. That’s why it’s important to pay attention what you eat and how much you eat. everything should be in moderation. Because healthy diet is all about the balance and well being!

Make sure you don’t harm your body. Do everything with love and respect for your body. Take care of it and even a weight loss and hard work for it should come with enjoyment!

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