My honest thoughts about the dietary tribes

So I wanted to share some of my ideas about the titles of all of these different diets and eating habits. They are constantly around us and at least over the day I need to explain my eating habits to someone and I always end up saying that I am just “vegetarian” or “pescetarian”. I actually don’t like to call myself either of them. For what reason I need to put myself into some group? Isn’t it all about keeping your body healthy? In these cases it just makes me laugh a little, why I need to define my eating habits or define myself with my eating habits?

In last 5 years, through my experience my focus have been always on my body. I have been eating food what is good for me, what my body craves and what my body will get necessary nutrients from. But my habits are constantly changing.

I used to be a normal girl who ate everything, never complained and enjoyed food how it was. Now I can call myself picky eater. Everything started step by step. I was trying to read a lot and get all kind of information what should I eat. Also I was paying attention and try to figure out my body’s reaction to different foods. So I was able to understand what works for my body and what doesn’t. I started with removing red meat and anything with wheat. You ask why red meat had to go? The reason was not just its fatty piece of animal meat, but I didn’t felt good after eating beef or pork. I felt really tired and heavy. So I realized I should not feel like that after eating. It was already a really good start, because my body didn’t felt bloated and unhappy any more. I had more energy and and I really liked the way I felt. So that motivated me even more to learn to understand what my body likes and what is good for me.

Little later I quit eating poultry, eggs and also removed dairy from my menu. There’s isn’t any specific reason why. It was decision made by several signs that animal products simply didn’t fit with my body. Eggs and diary made my skin really bad and stop eating these products made a huge difference. With poultry it was also very natural process, at one point I just wasn’t able to eat it. It felt very unnatural and very wrong for my body.

I always make sure to listen to my body and understand it’s needs. We can not force ourselves to eat things what somebody else might claim necessary or “normal”. We need to find our own truth and learn to understand our bodies and the signs what it gives to us. I believe in plant based lifestyle and I couldn’t imagine myself in any other way. Fueling my body with energy from plants feels powerful every single day. Yeahs I might eat seafood or fish here and there(usually it happens max 1-2 in 6 months, sometimes not even that). I don’t want to limit myself and make rules of what I should or should not eat.

My past experience with orthorexia and extreme obsessive philosophy about eating have taught me a lot. I learned that I can not make rules and force my body to follow these rules. It is so important to live day by day and listen your bodies needs, and act accordingly.

Before my holistic nutritionist studies I did a lot of researches, watched tens and tens of documentaries and really educated myself on everything nutrition. Now when I have finished my studies and now studying sports nutrition it is so great to look back and see my journey.

I never want to be that person who will say that being plant based is the only way to be. No it is not. Every body is so different and different things do good to different type of bodies. It also depends on your blood type and many other factors. That’s why it is so important to learn to listen your body and really understand what fits the best for you. I know several people who are a lot healthier on carnivore diet and there are many others who become very unhealthy with these eating habits. It is all about being open minded.

So now when I have told about my story a little bit, lets get back to the dietary tribes. So when I will list all the things I eat, it will pretty much make me a pescetarian(vegetarian who eats seafood). But why I should call myself like that. Uuh seriously all these titles are so confusing for me honestly? Because for me the most important thing is that I am healthy, feel good about myself and my body is happy.

Years ago when I tried out raw vegan diet and got all my energy from raw plants I realized the madness about all these titles people were and still are trying to define themselves. Raw vegan lifestyle is awesome and I loved that period of my life. It wasn’t just wonderful detoxifying experience, but it really helped me learn my body and let my body feel pure restart process. But I realized how vegans and raw foodies somehow always got their tribe mentioned in any conversation. But let’s be honest, sometimes it is not even about the picky eaters. Often meeting up with people and then somebody suddenly realize you don’t eat certain things and with a second your are called vegan and it feels like somebody just stamp that label on you. And then you will end up looking like that crazy foodie who always must mention what are their eating habits.

We humans like to belong somewhere and our society newest trend is to belong to some kind of dietary tribe, what in the real world is completely unnecessary. If you are a vegan and one day you decided to take a spoonful of honey because your throat really hurt, it won’t make you any less of the good person and it won’t make you any less healthy. If a vegetarian will decide to eat meat or seafood, then let her eat that, but it won’t make a her any less of a human. I hope we would be able to stop caring to define ourselves and each other by our eating habits. Stop making those rules for yourself and stop being scared of breaking them. Find your truth and follow it. If you feel like you need a change, then do that. There should not be one strict way to eat and live. We need to let ourselves live, grow and learn. It is a process and we need to let ourselves and our habits change.

You eat for yourself, for your body and your own well being. Most important is that you feel good in your body and confident in your skin. You don’t eat for anybody else and you can not make the decisions of what is right or wrong for somebody else. If you want to be a crappy eater, then be and this is your own choice and nobody can change it for you. If you feel like you want to eat healthy, do it! If you feel like you don’t want to harm animals with your eating habits, then make the change and save those animals! But whatever you do, do it because you believe in that. Don’t make yourself live by the rules of any kind of vegan, raw vegan, paleo, pescetarian, low carb/high carb etc. diet plan and tribe. I find it stupid, because we live in the free world and there is no reason to live by some standards or rules. You have a power of your own wellbeing.

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