Autumn Immune Boosters

Autumn is well & truly established now. Sun is still up, but the days are getting colder and the wind is sneaky.  Now is the optimum time to start giving your immune system an extra helping hand, as it adjusts to the changes in temperature and weather.

Here are some of the best immune boosters what can help you out this time of the year:

Coconut oil

1. Smoothies

Smoothies are one of the best ways to include necessary vitamins and minerals into your diet. You can, of course, make any kind of smoothie, but try to include mostly immune boosting and seasonal ingredients. I like to use fresh pressed orange or apple juice as a base. You can make a super simple smoothies what are very effective with just few ingredients. You can even make smoothie bowls for breakfast and add some homemade granola or nuts &seeds. Make sure to check out our smoothie recipes at Boost Yourself where we share over 40 different smoothie recipes!
2. Warm Drinks
I love drinking teas all year around, but when the colder season begins I really need to double the amounts and get a little more creative than just my morning green tea. Chamomile is one of the best teas to really give boost and support for your body. It also can heal stomach cramps and headaches. Yesterday I also spoke about my fav Turmeric-Ginger drink on my social media and this is definitely something to try. It is such a powerful drink with so many different health benefits.

3. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil has a multitude of uses like I told you in my previous post. This versatile oil cleanses the gut & bowels, soaking up and removing nasty bacterias. The oil can be used like any other oil in cooking, but it can also be eaten raw, used for oil pulling, added to porridge, coffee or smoothies.

4. Honey
We all know honey is a wellness wonder and we talked about before when I shared my bee hives with you!  Honey can be eaten raw, added to tea, porridge, granola, salads dressings, smoothies and also as a sweetener for desserts!

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