4 full body exercise, what can be done anywhere!

One of the greatest things about working out is the freedom to be creative and really take advantage of all the possibilities we have to become stronger, faster and durable. Few times a year I have a period when I feel like going to the gym or take part of some group trainings, but most of my trainings I want to do outdoors is it in the nature or I literally make the city become my gym. I already have made a blog post how to make the most of your workout without paying a penny for a gym. But today I want to show you some of my favorite exercises what can be done almost anywhere and they are such a great workouts to really make your whole body work… and they are actually quite fun, they can be hard, but still they are fun!

Step Up

All you need: park bench, stairs

Step up on right foot and down on left. Alternate legs. To make it more affective raise your thigh(of course the one you are not standing on) so it’s parallel to floor.

Burns 120cal in 10 minutes!PicsArt_09-25-12.51.57

Single Leg Romaine Deadlift

All you need: dumbells or you can do it without

With dumbells in hands or hands on your hips, stand putting all weight on one leg. Bend at the hips, reach down to the floor both arms straight out or keep them on hips. As you bend forward stretch your left leg out behind you, keep your back straight and parallel with the floor. Return to the start position and bring the leg from behind with thigh raise in the front. Put the leg down and repeat on opposite leg.

Burns 60cal in 10 minutes!PicsArt_09-25-12.56.40


All you need: nothing

Start in squat position with hands in front of you. Hop with your feet back into a pushup position. Bring your feet back into the squat position. Jump as high as possible from squat position. Repeat. The speed is the key!

1 burpee takes one minute. Burns 110cal in 10 minutes!PicsArt_09-25-12.58.21

Squat Jump!

All you need: nothing or can be done on stairs

Begin with both legs shoulder width apart, bend knees into squat. Bring yourself up and jump up as high as possible.

Burn 210cal in 15 minutes!PicsArt_09-25-01.02.19


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