34 reasons to be Active and do Yoga

We all know that it is important to move your body, but often people forget why? Everybody have their different reasons to do their workouts and get moving. And many of us don’t have any reasons and they are the ones who end up laying on the couch. Everybody make their own choices, because we are in charge of our own lives. I have decided to be a Healthy and Active person and I honestly love everything about it. I try to be active in many different ways to keep my workouts as diverse as possible. Also my workouts depends a lot of the times and places where I am. When I travel my life and everyday routines are changing constantly, but I always do my best to keep my workouts in the schedule. It happens that I cant go to gym, yoga classes or swimming pool for few months, but that dosnt mean I will not work out. There are no excuses for me and there is always a way to keep yourself active. In these situations I usually try to find parks, stairs or running paths. Yoga is such a thing what I always can do in the apartment or hotel room, it doesn’t matter where I am.

Reasons why I love to Workout!

*I feel Proud when I see how my Body can do more and more every time

*Working out daily improves Better Sleep

*I have more Energy and I feel Fresh after my workout

*I feel Confident and Stronger

*I need to Work Hard to achieve my goals

*I can listen my Music and move with the beat

*Every workout makes me feel Happier

*I feel I have done something Good for Myself

*To feel and look Younger for longer

*Keeps away Health Problems like diabetes, heart diseases and cancer

*Keeps my Bones Strong

*Satisfy my passion to compete

*Heavy sweating is cleaning the Skin

*Best way to spend some Me-time

*Because I am not a Quitter

*The best way to spend time

Reasons why  to do Yoga daily!

*Yoga helps to find Your Inner Peace and Focus on Present

*Better Breathing

*Relaxing Relief from Stress and Pain

*Develop Healthy Spine

*Improve Your Flexibility

*Yoga improves Your Strength and Physical Balance

*Physical and Spiritual Freedom

*Learn to understand and how to Control of Your Body 

*Heal and Prevent sickeness and diseases with right elements and Breathing

*Emotional Balance and Stability

*Yoga Lower Blood Pressure and Improves Circualtion

*Stronger Immune System 

*With doing Yoga properly You feel more Energized after Yoga

*Helps to have Positive Outlook of Life

*Sharpens ability for sharp Focus and Concentration

*Yoga helps You to maintain Calm in difficult situations

*Its all about connection and relationship with Yourself

*Connection of Body and Mind

There is so much Beauty with being Healthy and taking Care of Your Body!

And there cant be nothing more Important that You Health, Body and Mind!!

Be the Best version of Yourself and show Yourself what you are capable of!

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