Health benefits of Blueberries

Blueberry season is here and I feel so lucky to be from the country where these powerful berries are for free all around in our forests. Since I can remember, all my childhood summers I spent in the forest with my mom and grandma’s picking wild blueberries. Til this day my mom is telling me stories how I was two years old standing in the middle of the trees with tiny basket with one berry and my face covered with blueberry purple. For past 10 years I have travelled the world and missed out from this beautiful tradition of picking blueberries from end of July til August. Lately I have talked a lot about appreciating these moments when you can connect with your food and really learn where it’s coming from. There is so much power in that and it is hard to explain the connection what I have with these forests where I have been 20+ years ago and where I have connected with the surroundings. I know these trees, I know the energy and it is a blessing to get my food from there. Food is all about the energy we put into ourselves and connection with your food is extremely important. Getting back to blueberries I want to share some of the most important reasons you should eat blueberries right now!

Blueberries are low calories, but high in nutrients.

Powerful Antioxidant foods

Protects against aging and cancer

Protects cholesterol in the blood from becoming damaged

Lower blood pressure

Prevent heart disease

Help maintain brain function and improve memory

Can have anti-diabetics effect

Help reduce muscle damage

Reduce belly fat

Skin reviver

Bladder aid

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