What is your relationship with food?

Your relationship with food is as important as your relationship with your body. Growing up I really had no knowledge of what that relationship should be like. I was quite healthy, but also my parents didn’t put any boundaries and I ate whatever I felt like. When I started modeling I still didn’t had any thoughts about what I should or should not eat. As a teenager I just ate whatever I had in front of me. In my late teen years I started to have some serious struggles with my body what lead me to really looking for ways to make a change. I was in the point of unhealthy eating habits where I really needed a change and I felt it with all the messages my body sent to me. That was the time when I really started to learn what “relationship with food” really means. It’s already passed 5 years since then and my relationship with food have changed several times during this time.

It started with philosophy of only eating what body needs. But with this mentality I made so many rules and boundaries for myself, that in the end the relationship was gone. Of course strict boundaries are great way to cleanse and restart your body from all the waste you been putting there for ages(and that was something what I really needed during that time). But it is important to know how to come back from that and build that healthy relationship with food.

Food should not be obsession, it is simple essential of life. Eating healthy and balanced diet is as natural as brushing your teeth in the morning. Your food should give you all nutrients you need, and be that peaceful moment of the day to sit down and really enjoy that moment of consuming nutrient rich meal. You should stop over thinking and punishing yourself about the things you did or did not eat the day before. Stressing and over thinking about food is totally unnecessary and definitely very unhealthy. Food is source of energy and that means consuming it should be enjoyment and pleasure for your body. Not just negative over thinking affects us, but also trying to be too healthy and reaching extreme health goals is also very unhealthy. That’s when we should focus on balance of realizing where your body, mentality and health is today. That’s when you should realize importance of present moment and right now. You can not expect to see changes and force your body do detox over night. Everything should happen in it’s own right pace. Give yourself time to build that healthy relationship with food. It’s a long process when we really need to pay attention on the changes your body goes through and how certain foods effect your body.

Your relationship with food should never be all or nothing. Don’t beat yourself up over bad choices. Simply try to eat better next time, but most of all it is important to have knowledge of healthy and nutritious ingredients and consume them as much as you can. Simply lose your boundaries and forget all the rules. I support plant based lifestyle, I eat mostly vegan, I love raw foods and I don’t like gluten… but I honestly can’t stand the labels these food tribes are making me use. I don’t need to be called gluten free, pescetarian, vegetarian, vegan or any other food tribe label. Because these tribes should not define your relationship with food. It’s important to understand why you eat certain way. I prefer to not eat gluten, because my body doesn’t like wheat, but I don’t beat myself up having a rye bread(what includes gluten) with avocado. I eat mostly vegan, but then few times a year I feel like having a piece of fish. This doesn’t make me any less healthy or feel guilty. It’s about understanding your bodies needs and giving what it needs. Every single one of us have such a different food philosophy and you should not build your relationship with food by eating like somebody next to you. They have an entirely separate and complex body mechanism. It’s all about learning to understand your own truth and living by that. You don’t need to define yourself by your eating habits and you don’t need to force yourself by eating like your diet labels says to.

Be grateful for every meal you have and for the sources where your food is coming from. You should always think positive things about your food, because it affects you so deeply on energetic levels. When you cook, then cook with happiness and bring your positivity into your food. These little things will fuel your mind and body deeper than you can imagine. Release that need to be perfects, because perfection doesn’t exist. You don’t need to be ideal, but you need to be good to yourself and treat your food and body with love. You are more than enough as a human spirit and your only job is to know how to keep your body fully nourished and functioning.

Don’t let your relationship with food get in the way of your social life. Your eating habits should not make your life difficult. When you are out with your friends or visiting your family, then don’t stress about the food options. Make the best out of situation and don’t take away the fun moments of life, because of your healthy eating habits. Also you always can bring your own food to events with friends or help your friends find the right kind of restaurant to eat.

Your body deserve so much respect, so treasure it. Let yourself enjoy healthy treats and good things, but don’t over do it. Don’t beat yourself up over your cheat days, but simply make the best out of every situation. You only have one life and one body. It is the only body you will ever have so make sure it will be fully functioning for long as possible.

Photo by: Marianne Ubaleht

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