Should you exercise when sick?

I have heard this question pretty often lately. Being sick is your body’s “message” for you to let you know it’s time for a rest. But it also really depends what you call “sick”. When your nose is just little runny and you have sore throat then it is definitely okay to exercise, but when it’s something more serious like body aches and pains, stomach pain, nausea and chest pain then you should definitely have a rest. Our body gets sick when it’s immune system is weak and needs rest.

When you have a fever, then you can be as much of the fighter you want, but you should definitely not exercise. Working out with high temperature can make you even sicker and it is not something to play around with.

As our bodies are designed to cope with stress during our workouts, and that’s what makes us stronger. But when your body is weak and sick it is not able to deal with stress like it normally does.

It is so important to listen your body and understand how much it is capable of dealing with. There are times when our body really need that “all day in bed” kind of rest, but other times you can change up you workout plan with simple walk or bike ride in the fresh air. Listening your body, means respecting your body and you don’t have to push yourself too heavy. Body needs proper rest to be strong, fully functioning able to keep your immune system strong to fight against anything what makes you sick.

Few tips what will help you keep away from sicknesses are…

Oil pulling and consuming spoonful of Coconut oil per day.

Garlic, in any foods you desire.

Keep half of Onion next to your bed to catch your bacteria. It’s very weird thing to do and might have quite disturbing smell to sleep with, but it really works(especially with runny nose and cough).

Ginger tea, Ginger-Lemon water or soup with strong Ginger can do some magic while your immune system is weak.

Raw Juices are also wonderful way to boost your body with necessary Vitamins and Minerals what are extra needed while body is weak.

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