Page Marie and Francia are talking about Health and Fitness

One of the most inspirational things is to see women empower and motivate each other. The deep connection between women what thrives. Women are such a powerful beings and it all comes together when women know how to fulfill each other and come together as a whole. All of this I find at these two girls Page Marie and Francia. I am more that happy that I had a change to talk with these two girls about health and fitness.

 Page Marie and Francia have always been admired for their close friendship, keen fashion sense, healthy mentality and overall lifestyle. “We woke up one day and decided it was a good idea to share a piece of these components with everyone.” girls said when I asked how they started their collaboration.

How you know each other and what connects you?

Francia and I met our freshman year of highschool and have been inseparable since then. We both share almost all of the same interests along with the same mindset; we can practically complete each other’s sentences. The great thing about our uncommon factors and differences is that they balance each other out which is perfect!

What health means to you? 

Health to us means a balanced overall well-being, Including physical, mental and social factors. In the industry that we are in, health is one of the most important things. If you are not healthy on the inside, you will not look good on the outside and being in front of a camera 24/7 would be an issue. Health effects your everyday living and should always be your first priority.

Whats your workout routine and how you got to this?

Both of us workout at least five days of the week, if not more. We attend classes ranging from total body conditioning, cycling, various boot camps, kickboxing and Pilates to name a few. I (Page) have always been involved in sports and fitness since the age of 6 and being as though Francia is my best friend I have slowly but surely instilled my strict health and fitness habits upon her.

What’s your food philosophy?

Food is the greatest thing on earth and in order to fully enjoy food, you must indulge in your food with balance and control otherwise food will become the enemy.

What changes you would like to see in the fashion industry when it comes to health and healthy lifestyle?

We would like to see more “regular or normal” girls being glorifies rather than the usual barbie-like figures.

What message you want to send to women all around the world?

Our message is in our name, meaning no matter who you are, no matter your race or ethnicity, shape, size or financial situation anything is possible if you focus and push for it.

Morning routine…

Page: My morning routine consists of drinking hot water with lemon and ginger or tea, working out for at least an hour getting in the sauna then breakfast.

Francia: My day is reversed, I drink my tea and have breakfast in the morning and then have my workout in the evening.

Kitchen essentials…

Breville Juicer 
Ninja food processor

Signature Recipe

Curries Cous Cous with Split Peas

Whole wheat Cous Cous
Split peas (not canned)
Veggie broth (I used the low sodium broth)
Curry seasoning
Turmeric seasoning
Crushed red pepper
Salt to taste if you prefer (we hardly use salt)

“You are born weak and die weak, why you are in between those two periods of time is up to you.”  

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