Negative effects of skipping a meal

I’m sure you know these days when you wake up way too late and have no time for breakfast or being busy all day long and literally forgetting eating lunch. What really happens when you skip a meal? Skipping a meal makes your body suffer a lot more than just feeling angry and hungry.

Metabolism Slows

Metabolism is one of your bodies functions, works to break the food down into smaller usable parts. Metabolism works a little bit like a muscle, you have to use it to keep it working properly. When you skip a mea your metabolism have nothing to do. After long break of not eating, your metabolism won’t be strong enough to break down food, that food will be stored as fat and it can lead to weight gain. Often people think that less you eat the faster you will lose weight, but it is not true. It is so important to eat regularly and keep your metabolism working.

Blood Sugar Drops

This is one of the main reasons why skipping a meal is so unhealthy. When you eat, your body breaks up the food. Some of it is stored as fat and the rest will enter the bloodstream as sugar to provide energy. When you skip a meal your blood sugar drops and you won’t have as much energy as you need. Skipping meals in the long term can lead to many health issues and diabetes.

Affects Your Brain

As your body won’t have enough energy it will also affect your brain and it’s work. Especially when you are working or studying, skipping a meal can slow down the process, because of the lack of ability to think properly. Your brain becomes clouded and also your emotional functions are affected. You will become moody and irritated.

You will end up overeating

This usually happens when you have missed meals during the day and end up binge eating during dinner. Your body have lack of nutrients and calories, because you have been starving yourself for ay too many hours. This is why it is so important to eat regularly.

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