Interview with Emily Van Raay

I had a opportunity to ask few questions from one very inspirational young woman Emily Van Raay. She is a Model, Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Practitioner and Healthy Lifestyle advocate.

How did you find your way to health and wellness?

Since I can remember, i had always been fascinated by nutrition and how the food we grow on this planet provides us fuel. I had planned to go to university for Nutrition and Food science, but instead I was scouted as a model at 16 and began my career + studies while traveling the world instead. (Thank you universe.) Through modeling and the strict demands the industry can have on bodies of all shapes and sizes, I found it confusing to navigate this new world of restrictions and started educating myself so that I could know how to maintain health while feeling great and maintain my already slim physique. Thankfully I never had to diet or restrict myself food wise, but I did everything I could to help my friends and fellow models who were struggling with weight and maintaining health at the same time, and decided to get some formal education under my belt so that I could really make a bigger impact on the industry and therefore people everywhere. I studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and am now a Holistic Health Coach as well as a Reiki Practitioner.

Whats your greatest learning lesson on this journey?

My greatest learning lesson so far, is that health is a state of mind.

What health and wellness means to you?

Health and wellness, as I mentioned above, is a state of mind. Health is clarity, a positive and understanding relationship with food. Health is making the choice that will serve you in life, and bring you closer to where you want to be. Health and Wellness is WANTING the best for your mind+body and making conscious choices every day to better your life through your body (your temple).

Workout routine

My workout routine, is more laid back then most. Admittedly, it’s something I struggle with and consciously work on getting better at!
That being said, i am VERY active. I walk everywhere and will go to Yoga, Pilates, Barre (my favorite) classes 2 or 3 times a week. I work on strengthening my body and right now my endurance. I grew up in theatre camp, and was never on any sports teams or interested in physical activity. Now, I do it for the sole purpose of mental clarity, which i am addicted to.

Kitchen essentials

Ingredients I need to have in the kitchen–

Red onions
Assorted local produce
A very good quality cheese like brie or goat cheese
Olive oil
Herbal Tea
Oatmeal ingredients (Organic oats, flax, chia, assorted superfood mix ins)
Almond Mink (carageen free preferably)
Flax Seed Oil
Peanut Butter
Coconut Oil

(These are all staples, with these ingredients i can make SO many things)

“Models should be, can be, and have the power to be, Role Models in Health and Wellness”
As models, we have extraordinary unharnessed power to make change for good in the one thing that we know so much about and each have a personal journey in. HEALTH!
In order to radiate beauty from within and maintain your ideal natural body type, living a healthy life is crucial. The movement is growing within the industry, and the amount of models who live and breathe health is growing.


What changes you would like to see in the fashion industry when it comes to models and health?

My main goal, something that i set to accomplish, is to change the stereotype people have of models to Beacons of Health, beautiful role models who radiate beauty from the inside because of the positive lifestyle we live and breathe.

What message you want to send to women all around the world?

No matter what you look like, right now in the world there is a mass epidemic of low self esteem. Take it from a model who has picked the brains of my fellow models all over the world for years, there is no ‘ideal’ body size. What people constitute as an ideal, may differ, but a lot of the times we as models ‘fit’ that ideal. I can tell you that within that bubble of that ‘ideal’ there is even more scrutiny and dislike and low self esteem, and so little self love. The only way to break the cycle, for anyone, of any size, is to aim for an ideal of optimal health and happiness… radiance. Thats how we’ve broken the cycle within the industry with models finding their optimal health and being successful with that positive lifestyle and impact. And thats how we plan to spread the message to women all around the world.
Helena is one of the best examples. 🙂

Share your signature recipe!

A Models Beauty Secret – ‘Coco Green Glow Smoothie’

The smoothie is simple, and includes the following tossed into a blender.

-2 Handfuls (cups) Raw Spinach
-1 handful chopped cucumber
-1 Whole Banana
-1 Tbsp Peanut or Almond butter
-1 Tbsp Flax seed oil (if you have it)
-1/2 cup Coconut Milk/Water
-1 packet Aloha (or other) green Powder
-1/2 cup ice

As models, our job is to feel and look our best, which begins with some time in the kitchen knowing what will nourish us and keep us healthy and glowing!

I love this smoothie because it has all I need for any day of the week and is my go to for a quick breakfast or a snack.
Firstly, I like to measure in handfuls because for most people I believe if you are a big person you will have a big handful, a smaller person will have a smaller handful and nutrient needs tend to change depending on the person.
This smoothie is PACKED with the green goods, raw spinach and cucumber are a great combo because raw spinach has a good amount of protein and lots of energizing nutrients- and cucumber is very good for hydration which is very important in keeping glowing skin! The oils in this smoothie, nut butter and flax seed are major for skin as well. Oil extracted from Flax seeds is my absolute favorite beauty secret because it’s a concentrated dose of all the good things in flax! Buckets of amino acids and good fats that will have your hair growing shiny and strong and your skin and nails looking healthier then ever. Flaxseed Oil is easily found in any Whole Foods and most supplement stores and is about 6-8$ a bottle that will last you all winter.
Green Powder is another amazing thing to have up your sleeve for 2015. Green powder (the good stuff, organic, freeze dried) is a great ‘safety net’ for all your vitamins and minerals you would normally get from raw veggies. Especially in the winter!
Coconut water/milk is a staple in my refrigerator and is huge for us models because it’s a great substitute for dairy, and it’s loaded with all kinds of health benefits that contribute to a glowing body.

This smoothie is a go- to because it has all the necessary fats that people tend to miss out on when making sugary smoothies or juices, and it’s low in sugar which is something that slips under the radar when blending foods. Very important if you’re trying to keep a toned figure.
This smoothie is also overflowing with greens, the true elixir of beauty!

Quote you live by!

We are the first species, in the history of this planet, this rock we live on, to grow past it. We have incomprehensible abilities and gifts as humans. Learn, all you can, while you can, and know that you are powerful.  -Unknown

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