How to improve your backbend

When more than 4 years ago I started with more serious Yoga practice I was very stiff. I have no dancing or gymnastics background. I always have done a lot of sport, so my muscles were very stiff and I started from the zero. I learned how simple daily practice can change so much.

When it comes to our back and backbends, we all are very different. Even that I was very stiff, I naturally have very open back and these poses are easier for me. Even of my long practice I still can’t do splits even when my hips are pretty opened to do all other hip opening poses. All I want to say with this is that don’t push yourself too hard and let your body improve slowly. Don’t have any expectations, because with that you will ruin the journey or learning, growing and improving. Let your body be free and improve in its own pace.

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.Here are some tips how to improve your backbends…

Practice Daily

You must practice to improve. Try to practice yoga for 4-6 days a week. But it is also important to practice different poses or even different yoga styles. There is such a diverse of backbends, so feel free to create your own practice with combining different asanas.


As we know breathing is the most important part of any yoga practice, it’s the key of improvement and the key of really finding your balance. But the main reason why breathing is so important when it comes to improving is because every deep breath will help you go deeper in the pose. Also breathing protects your spine. When you feel that you have reached your maximum, then hold yourself there and make it easier with few deep breaths.

Perfect it for several times

To go deeper, you should practice the same pose several times in one session. Usually the first time is to warm up, the second time to get comfortable and the third time to get deeper into the pose. When you still feel that you have room to grow, go for the fourth time go as deep as you can and hold it for  little bit. But listen to your body with every deeper backbend, because you should never push yourself too far.      Be aware of yourself.

Take Care of Yourself

When it comes to yoga and yogic way of thinking, its all about working with what we have not where we want to be. Our bodies and limits are so different. You should not expect too much from yourself and let your body flow with that it’s capable of. What I have earned from buddhism is to be in peace and not forcing yourself to compete with others next to you. What is deep backbend for me can be a simple warm up for somebody else. Learn to respect and accept your body.

Practise on empty stomach

Backbends are suggested to practice on empty stomach. It is a lot easier to improve your bends and also you won’t feel sick after deeper bends, but it might happen when you et before your yoga practise.

Maintain Balance

Always make sure you do some forward bends after deeper backbends, so you will relax back muscles and won’t cause any stress to your back. Also twisting your body to one side and another are pretty good way to release.

It is so important to understand that you do it to yourself and its all about the inner strength. Don’t do any of these asanas to show off or compete with others. Take it slowly, improve with your own pace and focus only on your own growth!

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