Things that ruin your fat loss

Usually people talk about things what help you burn more calories, lose weight or fat. But why we don’t talk about what actually can ruin your fat loss process.

Wasting Time

How often we have seen those people in the gym scrolling through their phones or staring themselves in the mirror. Don’t waste your workout time for bulls**t. Go to the gym and get your workout on, put your music on, make sure nobody won’t disturb you and don’t take too long rest breaks. If you workout with group of people, then it is very important that those you are working out are as motivated as you to get that sweat on. So don’t waste your time chatting, but go and lift or squat together.


Counting calories and being obsessed about it can often be the reason why your fat burn ain’t happening. You need to understand that not enough food is usually the main reason why we can’t burn as much fat as we want. Body needs enough fuel to be able to burn fat and it is important to eat right foods to do so. But less food does not mean you will burn more fat(Remember that!)

Doing a wrong thing

Our bodies are so different and that means not all workouts work for everybody. You should find a workout what fits for you. Our bodies like different things and same is with workouts. Some workouts work more effectively on some than others. Make sure you do right thing for you. When you feel uncomfortable, you don’t enjoy it or your workout gives stress to your body.. change it. Try something else, but don’t push yourself to do something what isn’t for you.

Unrealistic Goals

Constantly working out for few months to reach your goal and then stopping is one of the biggest mistakes. To keep your fat percentage low, you need to change your lifestyle and working out should be part of it. Crash dieting and heavy workouts in short period of time doesn’t give you permanent results. When it comes to fat loss, healthy lifestyle and exercising then it’s all about the moderation. Forget doing it for few months and hoping to keep the results, it won’t be happening! It’s also important to understand that nothing happens over night and you need to be patient and work regular for you goals.

Too Much Exercise

Working out too much and stressing your body heavily won’t help you with fat loss. It is so important to find balanced training plan what fits with your lifestyle. It’s not about how long you train, but focus on how hard you train. It’s all about the quality of your workout, not quantity. You should not over do it, because it can lead to injuries, exhaustion and many other health problems. It’s all about the balance and doing everything in moderation. Having a rest from time to time is as important and effective as doing a actual workout itself.


  • Hannele T. / 24 March 2017 2:14

    Thank you! The right amount of motivation to grab my gym bag. Like now.

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