Sore Muscles and Joints Pain

When your lifestyle is more than average athletic and active, then you definitely know what means sore muscles or joint pain. There are many ways to treat this issue, but you have to be very smart with it and find out what really works for you. Also joint pain can be very serious and you have to pay a lot of attention to not hurt yourself. How to treat and prevent these two issues what we all might have from time to time? Here are some simple tips what can be easily used.

Most common causes of Muscle soreness

*Too much stress
*Too much activity
*Too much tension

How to treat Muscle pain

*Applying ice to affected area(in case of swollen or inflamed muscles and joints)
*Giving your body time to rest
*Stretching or doing yoga to relieve tension
*Omega-3 like Fish oil or fish oil pills
*Heat therapy (in case of tightened muscles)
*Drinking Cherry Juice or Coffee on your workout day
*Deep tissue massage

Prevent sore Muscles

*Warm up before any physical activity
*Exercise regulary
*Drink enough water to keep your body hydrated
*Including antioxidants like Vitamin C into your diet
*After intense workout, also protein can prevent soreness

When your muscle pain does not go away after few days then it should be addressed at the hospital.

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