My thoughts about Soy products

Today I got a such a nice letter from one of my readers. Actually I have been getting these letters quite often lately and this positive feedback is my fuel. It keeps me going and makes me understand how much I actually affect you my readers. For me is all about the things I believe in so hard and I want to share everything i like, learn and experience. It’s the place where I have grown a lot and it is just amazing to see you all do the same with me. So end of the latter this lovely girl asked what are my thoughts about Soy products and I realized that it’s a topic I actually have never discussed. Because there is so many discussions about it and so many studies(many of them are paid to be “true”) so I have never wasted my time getting myself into that debate, but i definitely have my opinion about it and here is what I wrote to her. You are welcome to share your thoughts about it in the comments.

The discussion about Soy have been going for a while. Some studies and articles can be very scary and some of them make soy look very innocent. There was a time when I ate more soy, because I was still learning how to balance my protein intake when I quit meat products. Then I didn’t ate any soy products for few years and now today while I’m writing this to you I’m enjoying Cappuccino with Soy Milk and no guilt. When it come sot Soy then at first check where you are located in the world and where the Soy products are coming from. The Soy products made in USA are the most dangerous ones and we all know how they are full of GMO and many other non healthy ingredients what can lead to many health problems and diseases. When you look to the other side of the world, Asia. You can see how Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai or other Asian cuisines all use Soy for thousands of years, especially are Soy products used in Buddhist temples(because buddhist monks are all vegan). When in some Asian countries Soy milk can be filled with quite few artificial ingredients, then Tofu in Asia is something completely different. Tofu is almost never bought in package what have came from factories, locals buy fresh tofu from markets and usually its made just few days before. This tofu tastes completely different than the one what you can find in other parts of the world. Also there are no proof that tofu in Asia have been any way been dangerous to the people and we all know that Asian have been for centuries the healthiest continent in the world(they definitely have had their fallback in past decade because of the American fast foods chains, but when it comes to traditional foods they are 100 steps forward than any other continent). While in Europe Soy products are quite new to our food culture, still very foreign product and is mostly use only in Vegetarian Foods. I believe there is no reason to freak out about Soy products. When it comes to any kind of foods, at first we need to learn to read the nutrition label and know what are the unhealthy ingredients what should not be in our foods (mostly they are artificial ingredients marked as E-). Also nowadays most Soy products have label written on it if its GMO or Organic. I definitely don’t suggest to use Soy products on daily bases, but I also don’t want to see people being scared of foods or certain products, because food is not the enemy, but our mind can be. So make sure to use high quality soy products what are as natural as possible and enjoy them from time to time. But til the products are not GMO, you should not be scared of them.

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