Health and Fit Women, Jamila Paulmin

You look your most healthiest when your positive sparkle effect others. This month health and fit chick is Jamila Paulmin. Italian blood born in canada, this sweetheart caught my eye sometime ago on social media. She is such a perfect example of honest young woman who knows how to accept her challenges and grow from it. Enjoy her good vibes and hopefully her journey to health and fitness will inspire yours!

What made you do it ?

I’ve always been sporty since a young age. I’ve been into dance scholarships since I’m 8 years old & tennis since I’m 11. Four years ago, I was in a very bad place.  I dropped out from my dance classes when they became time-consuming and had to focus on school. I was just turning 18 so I was also discovering this new nightlife world that I didn’t know much about. I had a lot of migrains, headaches, back & neck pain. I was always tired, I was skinny but my fat pourcentage was high. I was binging and eating fast food at school and energy drinks to study more at night.

Two and a half years ago, I woke up one day and I decided that it was enough. I wasn’t feeling great, my self-esteem was low and I wanted a drastic change in my life. That’s when I took a gym membership with a trainer without really knowing what I was doing. After a couple of weeks I felt the changes, I felt the energy and my mood was uplifted. All my physical pain just went away, and for me that was it.

Being active is now essential for my physical & mental health. Everything that I learned through this process really helped me in other areas in my life, it changed my perspective on how to deal with challenges. I realized that being fit is about being strong on the inside and taking every challenges as an opportunity to become better. Knowing that I’m a great role model, especially for my brother who looks up to me, is the best feeling in the world.

Tell about your workout routine

I try new things every few months. I like the gym, running, yoga, biking, hiking, climbing, boxing, etc.  For now, my workout routine for Fall is a full-body training at the gym with heavy weights. By trying different things I discovered that this is the best way for me to strengthen my muscles.

Morning are like…

When I wake up I take a spoon full of cold-pressed coconut oil and I leave it in my mouth for 10 minutes while I get dressed. Then I brush my teeth and drink water infused with lemon. I do a 5 to 10 minutes yoga stretch then I eat my breakfast.

Kitchen essentials

1. Coconut oil
2. Chia seeds
3. Chlorella
4. Bananas
5. Kale
6. Ginger
7. Lemon
8. Nuts

Signature recipe

Oatmeal on the go with bananas, cinnamon and cashews or a protein shake with cinnammon, chia & cocoa.

Greatest learning lesson on you Health and Fitness journey

What was the biggest learning lesson on your health and fitness journey
‘’Health is our greatest wealth.’’ There’s no such thing for me as too long, too much effort or too much anything when it comes to our health. It’s impossible to enjoy any life’s blessing if we are not healthy.

‘’There’s only one of you. Celebrate your uniqueness.’’ I know it may sound simple but I think this sentence is very important. We all have a unique background, body, voice, facial expressions, etc. When we learn how to accept ourselves & feel beautiful deep inside, it really changes our daily decisions. It gives us power to achieve anything we want. For me it was a long process but I’ve come to this point in my life where I know who I am and what my purpose is, regardless of my physical appearance. And I just try to be the best human that I can be.

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