Everybody have suffered with bloating more or less. Heavy and uncomfortable feeling what makes you feel insecure and unsexy. Feeling bloated can be a real mood killer. Bloating can be caused by quite few reasons, but there are ways to prevent and treat that painful and upsetting feeling in your lower tummy.

What can cause bloating?


Food allergies/intolerances



Unstable eating habits

How to prevent bloating?

Don’t drink while eating and don’t drink something too cold(but definitely should drink plenty of water through out the day)

Pay attention to general food combining rules

Only eat when you are really hungry

Don’t eat fruits after a meal

Avoid deep fried foods

Use Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Make sure your previous meal is fully digested before having a next one(3-5 hours between meals)

Drink lemon-ginger water, especially before meals

Avoid high sodium foods

Reduce gluten and dairy intake

Use spices what will boost your digestion(cumin, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, turmeric)

Bloating can also be caused by negative emotions and stress. It’s important to learn to keep yourself centered and relaxed on daily bases.

How to cure bloating?

Rest in child pose or lay on your side and breath deep

Go for a walk, brisk 30-50 minutes walk helps a lot

Drink Peppermint tea

Chew Fennel Seeds or drink Fennel seeds with hot water

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