Why isn’t it working?

We all have been there when even after hard workout we still don’t see these define results what we are looking for. The first reason is that nothing happens over night and becoming stronger and building muscle mass isn’t easy. It takes time and patient. But make sure to avoid these mistakes to reach your fitness goals faster.

You don’t eat right

80% of the results are coming from diet and 20% from exercise. It doesn’t matter how hard you workout, but you won’t see results til you don’t start eating right. Right eating habits for your body are answer to everything. Make sure to avoid unnecessary and processed ingredients and products.

Not enough

They say “No Pain, No Gain” and there’s truth in it. I don’t want to say that you should hurt yourself, but you should feel the workout after you have done it. If you don’t feel it, you haven’t done enough. When your workout routine becomes easy for you, that’s a sign of the progress and means you should start pushing yourself a little further.

Relying on one thing

Often people focus only on certain area on the body and forget everything else. For sure we all seen these people with massive upper body and slim legs, that’s because they have been focusing only working out on one area. To get the best results we need to workout the whole body. Also relying on one workout won’t help you wither. Like crunches, they are real good for abdominal muscles, but there are many other ab exercise what actually can be more effective like ab bikes, planks and so on. Try to include different exercise into your workout routine, some variety will make the huge change and definitely will be more fun. It’s so important to change your workout routine from time to time, so certain body parts can have a rest while you workout others. Also when you do same workout for a long period of time, you muscles will get used with it and it won’t be as effective anymore.

Too much Cardio

Cardio is definitely one of my favorite workouts, but too much of it can sometimes harm you more than do good. The secret is in balance of cardio on your own body weight workouts. To get toned and sculpted body you should add more body weight exercise and less cardio. Cardio is good for fat burn, but won’t sculpt the muscles the way you desire.

You don’t drink enough water

Being hydrated is so important and especially while working out. Also drinking water will boost your energy and you will be able to have longer workout session and won’t be as tired. Also water is very important for our muscles and circulation.

Don’t sleep deep and long enough

Rest can be sometimes even more important and effective as workout itself. Our body and muscles need this time to recover. When you don’t let your body to rest, your body won’t be able to keep on going for long. To have more effective workout and better results make sure you get a good 8 hour sleep every night and feel free to rest a little after your workout.

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