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American Brazilian Annabel is back on Healthy&Nourished. Last talk we had, she was very opened about her thoughts of the fashion industry and being fit and not just skin and bones. This gorgeous model and personal trainer is back on Healthy & Nourished to tell more about her story.

What made you do it?

Alright let’s be completely honest. I was always pretty active growing up when I wasn’t on a soccer team I decided to go on a track team. Once I started traveling for modeling lets just say that I wasn’t as active as before. I didn’t know what to eat (being in a foreign country 7eleven seems to be a comfortable go to option) so I definitely wasn’t eating like I was supposed to: eating a lot less than now and worse quality foods. Lots of partying was involved and at a point I really did feel like I was getting caught up in an illusion. Then the ex boyfriend came along and I can say that he was the real push. He helped me mature in such a way showing me his perspective and priorities by introducing me to his lifestyle. Got me going to the gym to the point I was absolutely obsessed with it hahha and got rid of the bad old habits. I have a lot to thank him for I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for him ! Since I got so into to it many of the girl models would send me messages asking how do you do it Annabel? What’s the secret? Eating 5x a day and lifting weights?! As anyone can imagine the industry we are in is so screwed up with the pressure they put on girls body image. This ideal 60cm waist and 88cm hips. If you don’t have a good head on your shoulders and aren’t emotionally stable these measurements can break you down and you can fall into some very bad habits. The real life changer was when I inspired two girls on my trip who were super unhealthy…. Initially they came to me asking for advice. They listened and did everything I told them too and there was change. I helped make a Positive change in someone’s life.. I like the sound of that. And that’s when I decided to become a personal trainer! This is only the beginning! The first baby step I am taking to get to the big dream.

Tell about your workout routine

My routine is actually in the process of changing. I have been working at the gym for about three weeks now and I’ve been observing other trainers and their style on exercises. Before I would do a split routine kind of like a (bodybuilding routine) one day chest triceps, another day back biceps shoulders and the last legs and glutes which worked for me! That’s how I got to where I am but I am slowly starting to adjust my routine to be a full body workout and instead going to the gym 6x a week I’ll be going 4. Like I said full body workouts consisting compound exercises (exercises that are multi joint) and I actually just started to use the TRX. An example of compound exercises are: squats deadlifts lunges presses and rows.

Mornings are like…

Rise and Shine everyday is a blessing and I take a good five minutes to meditate and embrace the morning with positive thoughts by being grateful. I like doing the sun salutation it’s a special Me time I have to get my thoughts prepared for the rest of the day. Before breakfast I oil pull with coconut oil and drink a tall glass of lemon water with my multivitamin.

Kitchen Essentials

Almond milk- has got it’s place on my weekly grocery list

Berries- I’m obsessed with dark cherries and blueberries at the moment

Coconut oil-for my pulling and cooking basically everything

Green tea- can’t go a day without it

Super dark greens- kale,arugula and spinach

Maca powder, Spirulina, Goji berries, Hemp seeds

Signature Recipe

Banana pancakes! I am such a Breakfast person and it is the most important meal to jump start my day. I get very creative with it.

Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of gluten free oats, 1 banana and one egg.

Mush that all together and voila you have the pancake mix! Now cook them in coconut oil (4 small pancakes) Of course I don’t stop there I add in a tablespoon of cashew meal or maca powder (or both ) sprinkle in flax seeds and chia seeds, top it off with cinnamon, Greek yogurt, more fruit, honey/peanut butter. Get creative with it.

Greatest learning lesson on you Health and Fitness journey

The lessons I have learned in fitness all apply in life. Same goes for people that would say the way you act on the mat in yoga reflects the way you are in life. One of my biggest realizations was understanding that the best, most challenging opponent is myself. In other words, compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to some other person. Compete with yourself! Too many times we compare our chapter 2 to someone’s chapter 15. We’ve all done it once & it is just what society makes us believe these days that we have to be better than our neighbors. Which is completely incorrect. This is your journey all about your personal growth!

Comparing yourself to anyone else is always a losing game. You have absolutely no idea what they had to overcome to get to where they are, or what drives them, let alone how much of their success is a simple fact of their genetics or something they worked hours to achieve.


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