The Benefits of Lunges

Lunges are one of my favorite exercise, it is a great workout for many different muscle groups. It works on your quadriceps, but also hits the glutes, hamstrings, calves and core muscles. This simple one strep forward exercise actually have much more benefits than you can imagine.


Training one side of the body once, independently from another gives you a good balance workout what other strength exercises doesn’t.

Strengthen your Bum and Legs

One of the most effective lower body workouts out there is great to strengthen all the big muscle groups and keep your lower body toned. This exercise can speed up your metabolism and it will hell you lose weight.

Even out muscular imbalances

As you workout each side independently you also can strengthen the weaker side more and that will help you improve with your squats.

Core Strength

Both your back muscles and abs must be engaged while doing lunges. Keeping the balance with your core strength while moving up and down. Core strength is extremely necessary.

Hip Flexibility

With lunges you force your hips to stretch. Moving yourself up and down will improve your hip flexors, these are the muscles you use to bend your legs.

Gives Your Spine a Rest

When you have your workout routine, you most likely put a lot of stress and pressure on your spine. Including lunges into your workout routine is a great way to give it a much needed rest.

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