Easy steps how to make “Healthy” become your lifestyle

I’m sure sometimes you meet people who have a glow in their face, great energy, they are fit and toned, they eat without quilt and everything seems to come very easy for them. You wonder what is the secret and to make yourself feel better you blame them with good genes. Our genes are responsible 50% of our outer look, so rest of the 50% is in our hands with our daily lifestyle. Having a spark, glow and energy comes from our daily habits and state of mind. I want to share some great tips what you can adopt into your lifestyle to become naturally healthy and fit.

Stop Dieting

Short term diets are no sign of health. Being healthy should be a lifestyle and it will start glowing out from you. When you nurture your body and have a healthy balance eating habits, you won’t need to diet. Your body will naturally fall into the healthy shape. Diets put your body in stress and this will effect your outer look in many ways. You need to let your body have a stress free life and feed your body when it asks for it.

Don’t try to live up to any kind of standards

There is no need to be perfect, you have to learn to accept yourself and your body. Respect it and show your body how much you care. Looking fit and being healthy have nothing to do with trying to be perfect, or having a bombshell body on your instagram picture. Learn to be completely in peace with your body and build your confidence with being who you are. The same goes with eating habits and workouts. You don’t need to live by any dietary tribe and stick with it. When you have decided to be a raw foodie, nobody is actually forcing you to do it. So let the stress go and if you feel like having a cook meal then do it. When you have decided to live by plant based eating habits, but you feel like having a spring rolls with shrimp, then eat it and enjoy it. Don’t put your body and mind in jail of any kind of standards or “rules” what actually don’t exist.

Having Fun with Your Workouts

Most important part of being healthy and fit is enjoying everything you do. Find workouts and activities what you enjoy doing and you can have fun with. Being healthy and keeping your body in shape is not a torture. Being active is our duty as human beings, so being lazy is not natural for us actually. Find your way to do things you like and keep your body moving every day. Daily workouts should be part of your lifestyle and find the best possible ways for yourself to enjoy them as much as you can.

Learn how to Rest

Having a good rest is one of the most important parts of healthy lifestyle. When you have a good 6-8 hours sleep every day will give you right amount of energy and ability to function fully. When you don’t have enough rest you will be tired and you also won’t have energy to workout and do your daily activities. Also it is very important to take one day a week to rest your body of your workouts and physical activities, to recover and have a real good and very needed rest.

Be social and inspired

Make sure you are motivated and inspired. You don’t need to have a role model and you can be your own motivation. But make sure your have good and supportive energy around you and you know why you have decided to be healthy and fit. If you have friends or people around you with same lifestyle and mentality, you will have somebody to talk with and share your experiences, workouts and recipes. Sharing lifestyle and experiences with someone is very powerful feeling and it can always give you a kick to move one step forward. Why not to have sunday brunch or lunch dates in some new local healthy cafe or go for a farmers market shopping together with your friends.



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