Most Common Smoothie Mistakes

Making smoothies is fun and it is a really great way to be creative in the kitchen. But also there are some rules with making smoothies what people often don’t know. And because of that often your smoothie diet can become the worse weight gain process. That’s why it’s important to do some research before getting into the smoothie madness. I love smoothies and try to have at least one a day to do good for my body and treat it well. Smoothies are great for your digestive system, keeps you feel light and satisfied, great way for your body to get all the vitamins and keeps your skin glowing!

So what are the biggest mistakes? The mistakes what will end up doing more harm than good!

You get too crazy with fruits

There is no need to mix all the fruits you have at home. It’s important to know what fruits combine well with each other. For this check the fruit combination chart here! Choose one main fruit for base(ideal are Banana, Mango or Papaya). then you can add one extra fruit what can combine well with the main one, but it’s not necessary to add more.

Not enough Fiber

Fruits are great source of Fiber, but it is important to chose right ingredients for your Fiber source. Bananas, Berries and Greens are great for that.

You add sweeteners

Why would you ever do that? Fruits are naturally so sweet, and actually perfectly sweet enough. There is no need for honey or syrups in your smoothie. Also these sweeteners add way too many extra calories and sugars, what are not necessary.

You overload with calories

When smoothie is one of your main meals, it should be about 300-500 calories and not more, but if your smoothie is your snack it should stay around 100-150 calories. Pay attention amounts what you use and don’t overload it with too many ingredients. Keep it simple.

You don’t pay attention on your fruit

Never use unripe fruits. Make sure that your fruit is ripe and perfectly ready for eating.

You use ice

Don’t use ice, because you will dilute the fruity flavor. Ripe fruit are usually easy to blend without adding any liquid. If necessary then a little bit of cold water or freshly squeezed fruit juice.

Using dairy

Dairy, especially milk is kind of protein what doesn’t combine well with fruits and can irritate your stomach. Also smoothie is not a milk shake so it’s not necessary. If you want to your smoothie a little creamier, then you can add hemp or almond milk(make sure it’s natural without any artificial flavors)

You mix Melon in your smoothie

Mixing Melon or Watermelon with other fruits is one of the most common mistakes. Somehow most people don’t know that Melons don’t combine well with other fruits or vegetables. Thats why you should keep Melons separate. It also makes smoothie very watery, so it’s better to use it for just blending alone to get a Melon juice what is also nice and sweet.

Be creative and know that you don’t have to stick to the recipes, but make sure you don’t make any of these mistakes above! To make your smoothie party more fun and easier, you should check out this smoothie chart here and guide for green smoothies¬†here!



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