How you might stress and harm your digestive system

World have changed a lot since our grandparents were young and we have have to pay a lot more attention with what we feed ourselves. Decades ago nobody rushed to microwave their fast food and of course nobody blended their smoothie with Spirulina or topped their salads with Avocado. Food industry is constantly growing and changing, in some ways it becomes more and more unhealthier, but on the same time our knowledge of health is growing also. Thanks to science we now know what we need to provide for our bodies and how our body is able to digest certain foods. We have all the possibilities to make smarter and healthier choices. In past decades with being fooled by the mass food industry, most of us have put our digesting systems on high pressure and we have made our bodies go through hell. Our digestive system should not be crying for help, because we need to eat to nourish and fuel our body, not harm it. With right food choices you will change the way you feel and also you will stark to look brighter and younger. Everything about our body and the way we feel is connected with our diet choices and how much we cre about what we eat.


Sugars feed bacteria and yeast in the gut. In long term this will stop healthy nutrients like vitamins and proteins being absorbed during digestive process. Sugars are also well know to speed up aging and promotes diseases.


Meat takes a huge part of average persons everyday diet. It can take from few days to week for human body to digest the meat, when it comes to processed meats then maybe even longer. Human body needs to work real hard and put a lot of energy into digesting meat(while you actually could use this energy doing something a lot more productive). Gallbladders and liver are working on overdrive. This process puts your body and digestive system into a huge stress and can cause bloating, gas and discomfort. Knowing this you can see the difference why vegetarians are often a lot more energetic and mostly also live longer. When it comes to processed meats what are prepared in high temperatures, which create more carcinogens can lead to colon cancer.


Cows milk is simply on this earth for calves like your mothers breast milk was specially for you when you were a baby. Later on your mom didn’t went to share it around with others. It is that simple to understand that human body is not designed to fully digest dairy. Most of us is also lactose intolerant without knowing it. That means 75%-80% of the people put their body into to very stressful digestive process without knowing how much they harm their bodies. Everybody claim we need dairy for calcium and that’s true that dairy is great calcium source, but that for calves. Human is able to get all the necessary amounts of calcium from all kind of fruits and vegetables(check for more here). It is a lot easier to digest and your body won’t be under the unnecessary stress.


Alcohol relaxes esophageal sphincter, which can lead to acid reflux. Inflaming stomach lining can lead to damaging certain enzymes and prevent nutrients from being absorbed. Also drinking too much alcohol can lead to cramping and diarrhea.

If you now started to think how much of these food you consume on daily bases, then know that you always have a freedom to make a change and choose smarter choices. Change your eating habits more plant based, you can enjoy your cereals or coffee with any kind of plant milk you like, your options are endless from soy milk to rice milk, from oat milk to any kind of nut or hemp milk. Change your cows cheese with goat or sheep cheese. Cut down your alcohol and meat intake, or at least make sure you choose organic meat. You don’t have to feel heavy, bloated and uncomfortable after eating. Eating is the way humans fuel ourselves and it is not normal to feel tired and out of energy after a meal. Let your body live a stress free life!



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