Health Benefits of Sirsasana

Yoga is great for the body and mind. Every yoga pose have it’s health benefits and tens of reasons why to include them into out daily life. Headstand aka Sirsasana is the kind of all Yoga poses. Why not to find 5 minutes from your daily activities and see the world upside down for a change.

Headstand is very healing posture and can help us in many ways. It may take time for some to get there and make surety have your teacher around while learning to do it. Learn to understand and feel your body, but most of all Trust Your Body! I like to do 5min of head standing 3-5 times a week and it really makes such a difference. But headstand really works only when you do it right, so before you start make sure to have professional help available for you. Also I don’t recommend it you are pregnant or have a neck or back injury.

Works like a facial for you skin

Headstand stimulates the blood flow to the face. Increased circulation means oxygenation and sustained youth of the facial cells.

Stress relief

Headstand releases “The Happy” hormones and is specially good for the people who suffer with depression.

Good for your brain

Headstand increases the blood flow to the brain and can help with improving mental function. Thinking power and our thoughts will become clearer. It’s very centering and calming pose and is great for the people who suffer with lack of sleep or memory loss.

Core and Upper Body Strength

While being in the headstand you should be pushing down into the ground with your forearms(to keep the pressure off from your head and neck). To keep your balance and your body straight you need to engage your abdominal muscles and it is a very great way to strengthen your core with practicing it everyday for few minutes.

Improves Digestion

Gravity pulls on your digestive organs. Headstand is great for the ones who suffer with bowl irritations or any other problem with  liver, kidneys, stomach and intestines. With deep breathing headstand massages our internal organs. It will help to move stuck material and trapped gases inside us.

Headstand is used to treat asthma, hay fever, diabetes, headaches, anxiety and menopausal imbalance. This pose brings so much health to your body while calming and releasing all the unnecessary stress.



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