9 things everybody should know about Yoga!

This morning when I inhaled the first breath, before sun salutation I thought with myself “why still there are people who haven’t found their way to yoga?” This thought came to me at first because I felt so good on that moment, knowing that one and half hour of yoga practice is ahead of me, sun was shining and energy in the yoga class was so peaceful. Why even somebody would want to say “No!” to start their day like this. I actually think it’s not about somebody don’t want, but what I have noticed is that there is still not enough information about it. Even that yoga have been major trend for past few years, there are still thousands of people around us who just don’t get it, because they have lack of knowledge of all the great health benefits of yoga. There are still so many people who want to put you into the spiritual hippie box the moment they hear you practice yoga. It’s surprising that even now when yoga industry have grown so much and you are able to practice pretty much everywhere, there are still people who have no idea what a beautiful freedom is to be part of the yoga practice, getting to know yourself and your body, have awareness of everything inside and around you.
Here I some things what I wish people know about Yoga.

It’s not a religion

Huge amount of people think that yoga is religious activity. Chanting mantras and regular practice does not mean that yoga is about religion. Yeahs yoga is spiritual practice, but it’s also physical one. Spirituality is personal and unique experience for everyone.

Yoga don’t have type

Yoga is not picky and Yoga is not looking for certain type of people. It’s for everyone, really I mean everyone can do Yoga. Young or Old, Skinny or Fat, Flexible or not, Athletic or not. Yoga is a practice where we all are equals and no one is left out. You can be a real manly man and think “I have nothing to do there, stretching with housewives!” and Oh Boy, come to at least to one class and you will change your mind!

Yoga is not only for women

Most yoga classes are filled with females and that’s why people get the message that yoga is only for women. But thats wrong. At first, most of the Yoga gurus are men and if you read the previous point, then in yoga we are all equal. Yoga have so many health benefits for our body from muscles to the daily stress. And since when men need to take less care of themselves than a women?

You don’t need to be flexible

Yoga is not a race and you don’t need to be able to touch your toes. That’s not the point of that! Yoga is about connecting with your very own body and committing to your health and breathing. I have been practicing yoga for about 4 or more years and there are days when I still find some poses hard to do and there are days when I feel like a pro. Yoga is a great practice to learn to listen and respect your body the way it is right now and give your body the freedom to grow and improve.

Yoga is ideal for athletes or gym rats

Yoga will build your flexibility, improve your endurance and strength. Yoga is a great way to build these muscles what you usually might not use with your regular trainings. Yoga works evenly on every side of your body. It’s for the whole body from head to toe, inside and out. Yoga will also improve your coordination and teaches you how to stay focus with you physical challenges.

Yoga is not just Lotus Pose

This is one of the main things what people think about yoga, but it’s so not true. There are so many different styles of Yoga practices, some of them are more intense and some of them are a little more relaxing. It’s very individual what is the right style for you and you can’t decide really if you haven’t tried at least couple of them. Don’t let yourself be fooled by these myths that yoga is not a exercise. Yoga builds core strength, improves flexibility and endurance, is also a full body workout. It’s so much more than just meditation and breathing.

Yoga is your freedom

Yoga is a practice without a finish line. You are not competing with anybody and even not with yourself. Going to yoga let’s you completely you with your right and flaws. There are no judgments in Yoga. Yoga is such a personal and individual practice. It doesn’t matter if you are over weight, tired, beginner, stressed, injured and whatever else, you are in Yoga for yourself. You have nothing to prove for anybody, because Yoga is place of being in the present moment and appreciating yourself the way you are. Don’t forget that everybody are coming to Yoga for themselves, nobody have time to judge you and you should not spend your time worrying about unnecessary things like that. Let Yourself be You, be new and be in right now!

You can have Fun in Yoga

Don’t think that Yoga is so serious, Yoga can be also very fun practice. Yoga is all about improving, being in present moment, listening your body and understanding your emotions. If you feel like you wanna laugh, then do it. Closing your eyes and just smiling, because you feel so good is also more than Okey! It’s important that you feel good and in peace while doing Yoga. Learn to laugh at yourself and have fun with improving. You can’t imagine how many times I have fell over from headstand or lost my balance while standing on one leg. Just let yourself have fun with it and laugh a little. Don’t think that you are not good enough, because Yoga practice teaches you how to appreciate your body even then when you don’t do the poses right.

Yoga Studios are very different

I suggest to not judge(no judging in Yoga) your first Yoga experience by your first class, because Yoga studios are very different and also every teacher have their way of teaching. Some teacher may fit you perfectly and another one might annoy you so much that you want to leave right away. It’s very individual and it is always good to try out different styles and studios to find out what suits for you. Don’t give up after first negative experience. You should feel well and comfortable in your Yoga class. You should be able to talk about your problems and injuries with your Yoga teacher and they should be able to give you advice and knowledge how to improve.

If you didn’t know nothing about Yoga before, then now you know at least something. Yoga practice is designed to improve and heal human body, mind and soul. Nobody is perfect and we all have our insecurities, issues and flaws. Yoga is ideal way to learn to deal with them in peace, to accept yourself the way you are and let yourself improve.

Let Yourself free and Yoga on!



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