Raw Food

I have mentioned Raw Foods many times before and also many of my Recipes are Raw Vegan.

Raw Food have so many great health benefits and including as much Raw Food into your daily eating habits doesn’t mean you have to become a Raw Foodie. It’s important to know why you should include Raw Food in your diet.

What are Raw Foods and What does it mean? Raw Foods are all plants what you can eat without cooking(fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, grain, plant milks and other natural products what are not processed). Raw Foods are eat naturally and should not be heated over 47C, because heat kills the healthy enzymes what human body needs as well huge amount of vitamins and minerals. These enzymes support our body and digestion. Raw foods can be eaten in many ways like sprouting, juicing, smoothies, salads, soaking and so on. You should know that many cooked foods take a lot longer to digest and clog up our digestive system.

Benefits of Raw Foods are 

More energy

Glowing and clear skin

Your digestion will improve

Weight Loss

Lower risk for cancer, heart and cardiovascular diseases

Better blood test results

Boost immunity and memory

Remove allergies

Increase energy levels

Better Sleep

Cleansing your body and mind

You don’t have to be completely Raw Foodie, but it’s smart to include Raw Food in your daily diet to support your body and feel better. You won’t just feel and look younger, but you will realize how much our eating habits have power over our well being and the way we feel.

How to include Raw Food in your daily habits?

Snack on fresh

Snack on fresh fruits, veggies or nuts. Have a fruit, bag of your favorite nuts or dried fruits always with you. Also there are so many raw energy bars and cookies on the market now.

Cook Raw

Raw food doesn’t mean just eating plain plants and greens. Yeah you can make a easy salad with chopped veggies for your meal. But you can also prep a fabulous dinner with raw food. Discover how to make raw sushi, raw pasta or even a great spread for your toast(something like my Avocado Spread or Pea Hummus.

Juice it up

Change your supermarket juices and other drinks with Raw Juices what are available in most places now days. There are one million great recipes how to juice up your veggies and fruits. Learn to understand what a big change can come out of having a glass of green juice per day. You can see some of my favorite Smoothie and Juice Recipes here. What I recommend the most is to start your day with a Green Smoothie or a fresh juice to really get a good energy kick before starting your day.

Invest to Juicer or Blender

It’s worth it. There is nothing like having your own fresh juice or smoothie with your own favorite ingredients. You get to try out all the possible recipes and find your favorite combination. And what’s even better you will be able to have fresh juice or smoothie whenever you want. I always have a Fresh Juice or Smoothie with me where ever I go.

You don’t have to quit sweets

Including Raw Food habits in your diet, doesn’t mean you have to miss out with having a sweet bite from time to time. Fruits and nuts are great ingredients to prepare raw cakes, truffles and desserts, even an ice cream. If you want to know more about Raw Sweets check out here.

Don’t focus on it too much

Don’t get obsessive with having Raw Food all the time. It’s important to find a balance and include it slowly into your habits. If your body is used to consume heavy and processed food it also needs time to slowly become healthier. Big changes too fast are never good, be kind to your body and give time fot it.

Find ways to treat your body well and your every bite should be something your body is thankful for! You don’t have to take it as all or nothing! Enjoy and have fun with it! Try out new things, experiment in the kitchen, roll your own energy balls and feel the changes in your body. Who doesn’t want to be healthier, feel a little lighter and to know that your body youthful and energized.

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