How sugar can be harmful to our bodies!

We all know, that it’s always better to chose to not eat sugar. But have you ever though why it is that way. We know that sugar can be harmful and also can effect your body weight in negative way. But have you ever though what is behind that?

Here I want to tell you a little more what Sugar actually does to our bodies.

Let’s start from what actually refined sugar contains. It contains no fiber, no minerals, no protein, no fats, no enzymes, but it contains a lot of empty calories.

When you consume sugar, your body must borrow vital nutrients like calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium(lack of nutrients will lead to harming our organs, bones and health). Nutrients are taken from various parts of our bodies to make a use of sugar. When body is lacking the nutrients used to metabolize sugar, it will not be able to properly handle and rid itself of the poisonous residues. It will speed up the cellular death, because the process what sugar makes your body to go through will accumulate waste in your brain and nerve system. Blood stream will be over loaded with waste and symptoms of carbonic poisoning result. Sugar is also extremely addictive and is often compared with cocaine.

Here are just a few damages sugar does to your body!

*Too much Sugar can shorten your life

*Sugar sap brain power

*Sugar have negative effect on your liver(similar to alcohol and drugs)

*Promotes Belly fat

*Sugar can damage your heart

*Sugar is feeding harmful bacteria in your mouth

*Consuming Sugar gives you much higher risk for Cancer

*Effects hormones

*Sugar is a big contributor for obesity

*Raises cholesterol and gives heart disease

*Effects pancreas

*Effects bones

*Sugar suppresses the immune system

*Raises insulin levels

Don’t forget that sugar is a drug what have no nutritional value and is addictive chemical what is hidden in many processed foods now days. This is why it’s important to know what you eat, the ingredients in food you consume to understand the nutritional value of that. When you do your grocery shopping then take a second to read through the ingredients label to find out what you really eat. You are what you eat! Don’t be cheap, junk or fast!

Healthy Substitutes are Agave Nectar, Stevia, Honey, Blackstrap Molasses, Date puree



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