Here is what I think of Cheat Days

It’s always very confusing for me to see somebody who works out regularly, mostly eats healthy and then takes one day to fill their body with crap. I always want to ask Why?

So what are my thoughts of Cheat Days? I find it completely useless. At first the only person you Cheat is Yourself and nobody else! For second it always makes me wonder why you even bother to take care of yourself for rest of the week, when you want to ruin it all with one day? It’s very hard for me to believe, that it will satisfy you. How destroying all the hard work you have done can make you feel good? And I also don’t want to believe that having some “delicious” junk food in your mouth for few seconds is worth it!

We are what we eat and our actions defines us! I always believe that you have to do what makes you feel good and with what you are comfortable with. I am nobody to judge, that your Cheat Day ain’t right. But I just want to make you think why you even have this one day of junk food?

When you are already one the healthy lifestyle path, you should already know how amazing it feels. Then why you even want to go back to eating something completely unhealthy for your body. It is very hard for me to understand, why people even make this decision to make their bodies to go through something like that. Think for a second, what you make your body to go through! So you eat healthy, work out the whole week and you feel good… and then Bam heavy and oily junk food in your body. Your body must be in complete shock and then it needs to start processing all this food. And this can take days until your body will be able to completely digest it! If you really care of your body and it’s well being, then is it really worth it to have a Cheat Day. Being Healthy and Active should be a lifestyle you and enjoy and what makes you feel good everyday and what motivates you to become healthier and healthier through out the years. Having Cheat Days puts you back into the point 0 every single week and you will end up like a lab rot running the same circle. Becoming healthier means removing the toxins out from our bodies and keeping our bodies this way!

Next time when it’s time for your Cheat Day think again! If you are really feeling for something sweet, there are one million different ways to enjoy healthy treats what might taste exactly the same like any other sweets, but are made of high quality and clean ingredients. If you feel like having a pizza, then make your own gluten free and low fat pizza. When you feel like having a burger, make your own organic, gluten free bun and put a delicious lentil burger between! There are so many ways to cheat yourself in healthy ways. Be creative and always think what is good for your body is also good for You!

Picture made at Rasayana Retreat at Bangkok, Raw Hawaiian Pizza, Raw Thai Pasta, Raw Sushi.



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