Real girls do Boxing!

Yeah, I’m back! Have been on the run the whole week. Couldn’t be happier to have Saturday mornings to open my laptop and focus on my little world to keep you all updated and share pieces of my life and mind.

Almost ten years ago at 2004 came out movie called Million Dollar Baby. I remembered how amazed I was after seeing it. After coming out from the cinema, being blown away by what I just saw, I went home and put my daddy’s boxing gloves on and was trying to hit the punching bag as hard as I can. Of course all the excitement went away after short time, because let’s not forget I was just 13 years old. But seems like the interest for boxing have been inside me all this time. For now I have been training five times a week, for two weeks already and I even can’t explain how much I love Olivia Malone

There are quite few reasons why I started to train now.

At first one of my goals every year is to try something what I have never done before and learn something new.

I want to have more strength in my arms.

I want to lose excess water as naturally as I can.

Im in Thailand, where Muay Thai was born. So if I ever want to do it, I should do it here!

Boxing actually have many great health benefits what you all should know about.

You don’t get just a great body, but also gain a lot of confidence. Actually Muay Thai have a lot in common with Yoga. Its a sport what help you find a perfect balance between your body and mind. This is something what helps you become healthier inside out.

Secret to perfectly toned body. Boxing is high calorie burn workout and helps you burn fat. When you train boxing with 3 minute rounds with 1 minute breaks between it becomes a interval training.

It’s a full body workout what builds strength from muscles til bones. Its great for the whole skeletal system.

Boxing is actually relaxing for your nervous system. Punches and kicks can relax your mind and reduce stress. It’s also a great way to manage your anger in a healthy way.

Reduces heart risk. Boxing is cardio workout what improves strength in your heart muscle.

I will definitely share more of my experiences with boxing and keep you all updated. If you need any advice or have more questions, then feel free to contact with me though Helenaounxoxo Facebook

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