Unhealthy Veggie life?

Hey Sweethearts!

So I wanted to share some of my thoughts about what is the difference being vegetarian(or even Vegan) and being Healthy. Last week I saw a recipe created by one of the most well known Estonian Vegan food bloggers. In that specific recipe from 14 ingredients two were fresh products(onion and dill) and all rest 12 ingredients were canned or processed. Then I already start to think it might be better and healthier to already eat organic and grass fed meat?

Plant based eating habits are probably the healthiest, but you have to be smart about it. Being healthy does not only mean quitting animal products, being healthy is all about eating whole foods and giving a right fuel to your body. Its important to have fresh products and make sure that every meal is nutritious. All the unhealthy what we should ignore are the processed products full of preservatives even if they are all vegan. Animal products truly can harm our bodies and health in long term, but not as much as all these chemicals what factories add to all these products.

I remember once talking about going to dinner with friends and one of them said, …”but you can eat some french fries there.” That made me laugh, because yeah french fries sounds like a food what should be made out of plant and should fit to plant based diet. But there are people who forget the fact that there are so many other ingredients and potato(what are also one of the most unhealthy vegetables) is only 3% of the french fries. It’s not about eating only plant based, but being healthy means also taking care how your food is made and where your food is from. I find it’s actually a quite big issue today. People don’t have education or knowledge about what is important of healthy eating. Going Vegetarian and eating vegan gummy bears, canned beans or french fries in the end might hurt your body more than maybe having a little piece of grass fed meat. Before changing your eating habits and trying to be healthier you should definitely read a lot and educate yourself. Vegetarian diet can do magic with your body is it done right. The most important it to eat simple. I will never stop repeating that less is more. The less ingredients in your meals is always better, the less processed, the less transported and so on. Eating should be simple! Treat your body well and take care of yourself. Don’t fall for any new Vegetarian or Vegan trend or product. Make sure to read the packages and if there are things you can’t pronounce, then you probably should not eat it.

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