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I get a lot of questions about what to buy to provide healthy eating habits daily. Actually eating healthy is really simple and easier you can imagine. I will share few tips how you can take care that your grocery shopping and make sure that you provide all the necessary nutrients to your body!


1. Veggies and Fruits

To provide healthy eating and snacking through out the day keep your fridge filled with fresh Veggies and Fruits all the time. Berries are also great to keep in the freezer all year around. Veggies can be combined in one million different meals.

2. Read food labels

Don’t believe what is written on the packages. Learn to read nutrition labels and ingredients to find out what the product is made of.

3. Go Organic

Don’t go crazy with it, but try to keep as many products as possible organic. Often it can lead to obsession having everything organic and it’s great. But we have to keep it realistic that it is not easy to find everything organic all times. So just try to give your best to find as much as possible, but don’t freak out if something is not Organic.

4. Skip Sweetened products

That is the moment when reading the labels comes in. Many “Healthy” products are sweetened with whitesugar or any other artificial sweetener. So before you buy your nut or soy milk, make sure its pure not or soy milk and not sweetened with something unnecessary. Also Granola bars and Muesli what may sound like a healthy option, are today often filled with many artificial ingredients.

5. Ignore products what are Light or Fat Free

They are often over processed and it often can mean that they are high in sugar or any other artificial ingredient.

6. Keep away from ready to use sauces and spreads

Most used products like bbq sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, tomato sauce, butter, pesto, dip and so on are all over processed and filled with artificially ingredients what can harm your body. They are mostly high in sugar and fat. Buy fresh ingredients and make your own.

7. Buy natural whole grains

Keep Oats, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Brown Rice, Lentils and other natural grains in your pantry all the time. They are great for breakfast option, baking and any other meal.

8.  Go Green

Keep fresh Greens in your fridge all the time. They are great for energizing green smoothies and salads. The best options are definitely Spinach and Kale. But More greens the better!

9. Raw Nuts, Seeds and Naturally dried Fruits

Ignore roasted or salted nuts and seeds. Also make sure that dried fruits are not sweetened.  Always great snacking option.

10. If You want to buy meat, make sure its Organic

It is very important that your animal protein is grass fed. Eating non organic meat you will be eating also added hormones and pesticides.

11. Fresh Seafood

Fishes like Salmon, Tuna and Mackerel are super fishes filled with necessary nutrients. You can freeze fish fillet in your freezer and its ready for cooking any time.

12. Always choose real foods

Always get products what are 100% real and keep away from everything processed, because these are full of artificial ingredients what don’t do any good for your body. If food label is filled with names what you can’t pronounce, then put it back where you took it.

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